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KFC recently rolled out Original Recipe boneless chicken, and is considering eliminating on-the-bone chicken from its menu altogether. Regardless of brand, processed chicken nuggets or shaped boneless “wings” are far more likely to contain less meat and more additives and fillers
Scientists have been working on bioengineering "cultured" lab-grown meat for the past decade, and are getting closer to perfecting the process. Normalizing the idea that chicken doesn’t have bones will make it easier to eventually exchange the meat used in processed nuggets and boneless wings for bioengineered meat, without anyone noticing the difference
Recently published data from tests conducted on supermarket meat samples reveals the presence of several disease-causing bacteria, including the super-hardy antibiotic-resistant versions of salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli on virtually all types of store bought meats
The misuse of antibiotics in livestock has become a direct source of foodborne illness. The best way to avoid contaminated meat is to avoid meat from animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s), aka “factory farms,” and buying organic, pastured or grass-fed meats instead. Organic standards do not permit growth promoters such as antibiotics to be used.

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to toledononstoptalkers...you leftist idiots are wasted fools.
I suppose your shallow cognition will now start to discuss nonsense like who has the best lemon rhubarb pie ?!

I am not a leftist or a rightist. The story is fact, you can still eat them, enjoy...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

But I drink bottled water and avoid a lot of fast food - not all, but a lot. The original poster is definitely not a leftist, based on his posting history here. I kind of liked the original post - it's good reminder. I grew up on well water, garden produce & milk straight from the cow [now known as "raw milk", which various bureaucracies are trying to eliminate by force]. I remember the sound of the separator in the cellar (separating cream from the rest of the milk), and churned butter myself.

I get too busy and stop for fast food occasionally (usually avoiding the hamburgers, however, as they make me queasy). I think it's a good to be reminded about additives and antibiotics in meat, etc. There are a lot of things easy to avoid if you know where they are hiding. I love Doritos, for instance, but haven't had any for years, because they are loaded with MSG. Ditto for flavored potato chips (plain chips & salt & vinegar chips have no msg), and the coating on Kentucky Fried Chicken - also loaded with MSG.

If you have ever tasted real, fresh, farm-raised food (including free-range chicken eggs), chemically enhanced foodstuffs really don't measure up in terms of taste either.

I had well water (still have it), home grown produce, home made bread. We didn't raise livestock, so I missed the regular milk experience.

I did learn about churning butter, which takes some serious work. Unless, that is, you are trying to make whipped cream and something goes real wrong... Ha!Ha!Ha!

The eggs I really didn't understand until I bought a few dozen from a neighbor who has chickens. What a difference! I think these birds are fed corn, because the eggs are very rich.

As for the produce, the tomatoes have always been my favorite, closely followed by the melon and the sweet corn. Squash can be good too. Well, it all seems to taste more than just a little better, and it's all free of chemicals.

Thanks for the post!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Factory Farms ?
Lingo from and for ignoramus', who get their news from the yellow blade....

You're wrong about this one. But by all means, don't take my word for it - go look it up for yourself.

Mad Jack
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Why is this a problem?

Until The Toledo Blade makes their bought and paid for City Council enforce licenses for cats and the Toledo Blab starts running daily articles on how many stray cats are euthanized, they have to do something with all that meat.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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