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Toledo's gang problem is no secret so the in depth Blade series is nothing new really just an excuse to jab the mayor for a problem that's been here for years. Chief Diggs doesn't do interviews, he hates being in front of the microphone but Tuesday he'll be on with me at 8a to talk about the gang problem in Toledo. We'll discuss the "map" the Blade so desperately seeks, the strength of gangs, the task force, gun buyback etc etc.
This of course is a blatant effort to get more listeners from the small swampbubbles crowd in an attempt to bolster my sagging ego now that Johny D is the rising star at the station. I can only hope my pitiful high school education helps me come up with some good questions for the Chief.

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Many, many people are saying the city is putting all the police in the north end and/or the Nebraska area. This leaves the rest of the city bare. In my own experience, my sister came home to find her house had been broken into. I told her to run outside and I would call 911. ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES later the police finally arrived.

Maybe you should have me on and I could tell you SEVERAL stories about how the police screwed up including one that ended in murder. No s***, it really happened. And that wasn't the worst of it! It would make a great TV movie, especially the part where the detective yelled at the citizen that she was too busy catching killers and four days later they found a body at the corner of Jefferson & Erie Streets. And then there was a string of robberies that went un-investigated because the detective assigned to the case was posing on-line as a minor to catch a guy from Lima. Then there was that fire downtown at Ontario and Monroe where the police had firsthand accounts of what actually happened, but that story never made it into the Blade. And then there was that time the officers covered their badges so as not to be identified later.

I think the Toledo Police Department is as crooked as they come. Now, that doesn't mean all the cops, but enough to make you want to move out of Toledo or buy a gun. My impression, and I'm not alone, is that the last two police chiefs were just waiting to retire and pass on the horrible moral problem in the department to the next sucker.

"My impression, and I'm not alone, is that the last two police chiefs were just waiting to retire, get re-hired (at the exact same job or another municipality), double (or triple) dip and pass on the horrible moral problem in the department to the next sucker."

Notice how they always talk about "points" in contract negotiations with the police department? I blame The Blade for not explaining what "points" really means and how it misrepresents what the contracts are really costing the taxpayers.

You imbeciles get what you vote for and the rest of us suffer because of YOU !!!

Morons-never comprehend their own stupidity, ever !!!

What you talkin' 'bout Willis? Just because 10 of the 12 people on the Toledo City Council are either current or former union officials, I don't know where you get the idea that the City Government is union ruled.

Technically, isn't Mayor Bell still a member of the Firefighters union and currently receiving a pension from that union ?

Is he back? Are you allowed to investigate your own news stories? There's a buttload of crap in various city and county departments.

wspd/bain and the current city administration are in love again.
The big Dipper rehired the double Dipper to straighten these gangs out. Can you Digg it?
How's that working out?

An NBA player has come out of the closet. Nothing else matters.

He, like you must be a Repuican queer if he came out of a closet. (or toliet stall). Just saying.

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