Trying to "Sneak Through" is right...

This is the new internet sales tax that Congress is trying to sneak through. It will hurt small businesses, putting many of them OUT of business.

The lackey media is performing as usual - they have Harry Reid's back at all times. Leftist talking heads are rich - what do THEY care about average Americans?

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It’s not an internet sales tax. It allows states to collect sales tax on purchase made online, if the state chooses too. Actually, it may help many small businesses who can’t compete with online retailers selling the same goods online tax free.

At what percentaged? and on one end taxing of any activity leads to a decrease in that activity, and on the other end it will fund projects.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Did you even try to read the bill? To answer your question - it's at zero percentage. The bill that would empower U.S. states to require out-of-state retailers to collect online sales taxes from customers.

It's gives more power to the states, is that bad?

It's really a consumption tax, isn't that what conservatives want.

It does a good job at leveling the playing field for small and/or local businesses.

Right now I can go online and buy an AppleTV from Amazon for $100, tax free with free shipping or I can go to Mac Café and buy it for around $107 including tax.


What about the administrative costs to those small business. And the costs to implement the new tax rules and filings and software packages And it does nothing to expand the growth of the business

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

That may have been true at one time, but it's cake now. I set up an online store a few months ago that collects taxes in 15 different states. It didn't take me but a day to get it set up.

At the very core, this is taxation without representation. Businesses running online-only storefronts, or without a physical presence in a given state, would be forced to collect sales taxes on behalf of said state; without having any say in what items that state decides to tax or at what rates. Not to mention, those businesses also wouldn't receive any benefit from the services provided with that state's tax dollars.

And if this bill is truly "fair", why is it asking more of online retailers in terms of tax collection than what is currently required of standard brick and mortar stores? Ask yourself how many times you've made a purchase at a store and had the cashier ask where you lived so they could appropriately figure the sales tax? Because that is essentially what this bill will force online retailers to do on each and every sale.

What do you mean taxation without representation? It’s the person making the purchase who is paying the tax, not the company selling the product. It’s that person’s elected officials that set the tax rate.

Today if you shop at or today you pay sales tax based on where you live. If you shop at you pay no tax. Also, it’s very easy to set up tax tables based on state or zip code even. This levels the field for everyone.

How does making something more expensive by taxing it "level the field" for the customer?

Since when is giving more money to a wasteful government (which at least 50 percent of the time is run by a Party you don't agree with) a better option than you keeping the money in your pocket?

I was in a waiting room with a television that was tuned into the CBS Evening news. I never watch the dinosaur news. Anyway, the pretty-boy teleprompter-reader talked about how this tax would help "even out" the prices between brick-and-mortar and online businesses.

So this is what the U.S. has come to--thinking that adding taxes is a good thing! Here's an idea, how about giving a tax incentive to local businesses rather than penalizing online entrepreneurs.

"giving a tax incentive to local businesses " Huh? So now you’re for using tax dollars to subsidize businesses? Where would that money come from?

How does treating all business the same, penalize anyone? Why shouldn’t an item bought on be subjected to the same local tax as me buying something from, or online from Mac Café?

Then again, this bill doesn’t raise a single tax. It simple allows states to collect tax.

Its funny how raising taxes is spun to be a "good thing". If those pricks in Washington want to "level the playing field", stop taxing the brick and mortar stores. All this is another money grab by those bastards!

The United States of America does NOT have a national sales tax. Sales tax rates are a combination set by each state and each county within each state.

This is one of the fallacies spread by the very uninformed.

If you live in the state of OHIO, you are currently required to pay sales tax for items ordered on the Internet and delivered to you. There is even a line on your income tax return to state the dollar value of items you have obtained and not paid state sales on.

I guess some selfrighteous individuals posting here feel they are above the law, both man's and God's. It certainly isn't because they are willing to break God's eighth commandant Thou shall not steal or man's law in the state of Ohio!

They say they can raise more revenue not by raising taxes, but by closing loopholes. Then they go and do that very thing. They're so sneaky.

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