Board of Elections employee: Lucas County BOE Assault by Meghan Gallagher ...The Full Document..

Here is a copy of a letter sent by a board employee to the Lucas County Board of Elections board and the Lucas County prosecutors.


April 2, 2013

Mr. Ron Rothenbuhler, Chairman
Lucas County Board of Elections
Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43604

Dear Chairman Rothenbuhler: RE: Meghan Gallagher (Intimidation) (Physical assault)

I was summoned by Meghan Gallagher to appear in her office on Friday, February 15, 2013 at or about 2:00 P.M.

During the conversation, Meghan Gallagher proceeded to close the door to her office, and subsequently demanded to know the nature of the private conversations that I had with Special Master Keith Cunningham, and Consultant Jim Ruvolo with regards to the oversight mandated by the Secretary of State’s Office. I explained to her that these were private conversations, and that I would not divulge any of the information to Meghan Gallagher. She then became very aggressive, intimidating, flailing her arms, and then moved towards me demanding again and again, to know the content of my conversations.

I proceeded to back away from Meghan Gallagher, and said “I’m finished, I am leaving!” She accused me of “insubordination” as I would not succumb to her demands. I felt as if she was very close to physically loosing control. I was concerned for my personal well-being, as she was so physically close to me, I therefore left the office. Her lack of mental control, and aggressively physical behavior frightened me in regards to the fact this incident happened so rapidly, and without provocation, that I deemed it necessary to report this unseemly incident to the Deputy Director, who advised me to immediately contact Scott Borgemenke, and Jim Ruvolo.

On March 21, 2013, at or about 4:00 P.M., as I was typing up the board meeting minutes, Meghan Gallagher came up behind me, pushed me to one side, and physically grabbed the computer mouse out of my hand. I told her not to push me, or grab anything from my hands. She began to berate me in front of the Deputy Director, and continued to do so for several minutes. I could not stop shaking, as I was so dismayed by being “physically assaulted” by Meghan Gallagher. I contacted Scott Borgemenke, he then requested me to compose this letter to inform you of the physical assault, and degrading behavior that I have had to endure due to Meghan Gallagher’s unprofessionalism.

Since I participated in the investigation by the Secretary of State’s Office, I have been singled out, I have felt intimated, and have been physically assaulted by Meghan Gallagher. This unprofessional conduct must stop immediately! The Lucas County Board of Elections has a zero tolerance policy concerning physical assault.


Gina-Marie Kaczala
Assistant to Director
Lucas County Board of Elections

CC: Scott Borgemenke, Secretary of State’s Office

John Borell, Prosecutor’s Office

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What's up with Jon Husted? Doesn't he have enough backbone to step in and do something other than appoint a committee?

The slate should be wiped clean at the Lucas County BOE and truly new blood--not just warmed-over quasi-political flunkies--should be put in charge.

I think Meghan sounds like she might be suffering from the same issues she was arrested for--dipping into stolen prescription drugs!

For as bad as the Democrats in Lucas County are, this is the alternative? They make Copland look like a genius.


Or even "Copeland"!

and, like all liberal pansy rectal orifices, yours is diseased , infected, and effects everything you post that is equally, diseased, deranged, disgusting, and typical Demonrat scat .

Wow Mike Coon, does your court appointed psychiatrist know you’re off your meds?

For the record, I didn’t vote for Copeland, I voted for Sarantou.

I thought Republican drug addicts got radio shows.

Gina-Marie Kaczala needs to secretly record these incidents.
This is not a matter of Dem vs. Repub. This affects all of us! Do you all trust our vote with these idiots?

The SOS gave them a deadline of May 1 to fire Gallagher so why is she still there? First Degido had to refrain from voting because Gallagher was his client but thats over I heard and he is supposedly ready to vote along with Irish to fire her but Ron Rothenbuler won't fire her. Meanwhile they try to do everything possible to fire him like keep holding residency hearings repeatedly even though they already lost.

Stainbrook and Rothenbuler both voted NO to firing her. Stainbrook shouldnt b allowed to vote because she is his GF but WHY is Rothenbuler not doing his job and firing her. If they would justbreplace Rothenbuler with somebody who isn't afraid to do his job then the BOE is 80% fixed bcause Gallagher is gone.

Think Stainbrook has a recording of Rothenbuler?

I'm going to send an email to
That is the email for the BOE according to the website. I will demand that Rothenbuhler vote to fire Gallagher immediately or resign and let someone have that position that really wants to hire some quality management at the BOE. I would encourage everyone else to do this also. In a few weeks I will do a public records request and see how many others have requested it and if there are others that feel the same as me then he needs to be confronted with this. Maybe he actualy has a reason but what can it be? She clearly has problems and needs to go per the suggestion of the Ruvolo report.

I wrote to the address you posted (after confirming the address of course) but I asked for them to clean house starting with Stainbrook.
Please let me know the results of the public records request.

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