It’s a full-time job trying to educate Wolfman. I figured it would be best to make this a separate post than a comment to his post.

Wolfman, like the other clueless liberals (redundancy is noted), thinks that if only the U.S. could collect more taxes we wouldn’t have a deficit, the entitlement crowd could have all of the free stuff that their hearts desire (and they believe they deserve), and everything would be peachy. He posts an article claiming that “The U.S. Continues to be One of the Least Taxed of the Developed Countries.”

The article says that it is measuring taxes as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product. What country has the largest GDP in the world? The U.S.A. The U.S GDP is $14.99 trillion. China, which comes in second, has a GDP of $7.3 trillion—less than half of the U.S.

Let’s look at another way. When you take the percentages on this list and multiply it by the countries’ GDP, you come up with raw dollar figures. I’ve put together a list with some of that information.

Denmark /47.6% /$ 158,041,044
Canada /31.0% /$ 538,429,390
Italy /42.9% /$ 942,056,973
Japan /27.6% /$1,620,218,532
United States /24.8% /$3,717,842,400

Even when one considers the differences in population, the U.S. is still collecting more tax dollars per person than the countries that have a higher rate of taxes as a percentage of GDP. Doesn’t it make sense that the country with—by far—the largest GDP has one of the lowest percentages?

One should always be suspicious of information that is stated in percentages. It’s the best way to manipulate data. It’s like saying, “Our dealership is doing great—we had a 50 percent increase in car sales” only to find that the dealership went from selling 6 to 9 cars.

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And this video has to do with taxes as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product how?

It doesn't have anything to do with it. But coming from that pinhead, what did you expect?

is still in doubt ?

President Hussein's, E.P.A. Chief-Bob Percisepe-gave radical environmental groups like Earth First, personal information on thousands of America's , FARMERS !!!???

All to have these radicals show up on family farms to harass those that feed the World ???!!!

Shades of Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, Castro, Hugo Chavez-and this asshole and every America hating liberal asshole pansy,does not care at all ?!

Eat shit and die scum Liberal's...come to Swancreek Twp., with your psychopathic farmer haters.

Hogs-love nutritious protein !!!

Look at how the National Debt EXPLODED in 2009 and is skyrocketing since.

The only thing I remember happening in 2009 was Barak Hussain Obimbo TOOK OVER.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I quess the Bush Administration's had a much more negative impact than we thought.

Mortgage Law, caused the economic meltdown by giving out zero down payment loans and risky home mortgage loans to Gimmerat losers who couldn't afford it no way, now how.
And, as any kindergartner knows-Congress passes ALL LAWS, the President-is Commander In Chief.
That is, when Obozo-Chicken In Chief-,isn't running like a kicked cat from Benghazi, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

So, a moron blames GW-for what Demonrats, created ?!

Woodward or Waite G.E.D.'s do not make it in the Real World, and, never will.

Democrats didn't create anything. It was the Republicans who allowed banks to do all that crazy shit.

Actually it was Ronald Reagan who deregulated the banks and special interest groups after that who stopped any attempt to fix it. It wasn't until the second Bush's tax reductions for the uber-wealthy that the problems surfaced.

Liberals like to throw around terms like "über-wealthy" and "super rich." Please define these.

We have exact dollar figures for "poverty;" in fact, the government bases entitlements for individuals who make "120 percent of the poverty rate." So we need exact numbers for "über" and "super" rich.

Seems a lot of people commenting have a lot of misconceptions and false information.

First thing I noticed is that the math is wrong. Then I noticed your history details were incorrect. And finally I noticed some outright lying. Great, have an opinion but make sure it's based on facts.

Question: Can Fred educate Wolfman about the dangers of sandwiches?

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