I found something very interesting

I found something interesting when I was searching SB for purnhrt's quotes on her conduct at GCJ.

I noticed a thread entitled "Deleted" and since I was trying to copy the link where LRW deleted purnhrt's quotes I naturally clicked on it.

What's interesting is that isn't what the story was about. In fact, it wasn't that at all.

It was an old thread, with the initial post removed by the originator. In this case Sarge. It was removed a week ago. Actually not removed, but edited so the original story/poll/event couldn't be read.


Without recalling the exact details of the story I do remember and the thread backs me up, that it was a rant by Sarge about the way JR runs ToledoTalk.com.

I found the fact that he chose to remove it, and remove it here very recently to be an interesting fact.

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