Pot Calling Kettle Black

I follow news out of Detroit daily becuase I grew up there, went to school, and worked in the city. It's shameful what Dem politicians with the backing of local unions have done to the city beginning around 1967 if not before. The war on poverty and the war on drugs both lost in Detroit.
So know the Governor using powers given to him by duly elected representatives of all the citizens of Michigan, including Detroit, names a financial manager. A local pastor seeing his gravy train pulling out of the station starts to protest and the rest as they say is history......here's the story from Nolan Finley on the Detroit News The Rev. Charles Williams II has something in common with Kevyn Orr, the man he is relentlessly protesting. Both have troubles with the tax man.

The day Gov. Rick Snyder named Orr as Detroit's emergency manager, The Detroit News reported he had tax liens on his Maryland home due to $16,000 in unpaid unemployment taxes.

Orr claimed not to know about the liens, said he was embarrassed by the oversight, and wrote a check to cover the bill the same day.

Williams, who leads the ragtag band protesting the emergency manager, declared: "If he's supposed to handle the city's financial assets, he should be able to handle his personal finances."

As it turns out, Williams is also a tax scofflaw.

Wayne County records indicate he owes $11,264.85 in back taxes on his Jefferson Avenue condominium, which is in foreclosure. Williams, pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church on the city's west side, doesn't dispute the unpaid tax bill, but blames the city for not crediting him with a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone abatement.

"They got it wrong," Williams says of the city.

The Lofts at Rivertown, where Williams owns a unit, is covered by the NEZ, but owners have to file paperwork to receive the abatement. Williams says he applied for the credit, and hopes to have the matter cleared up next month.

Still, he did not pay any taxes for two years, not even the $1,400 he says his tax bill should be if the abatement is applied.

My colleague at The News, Christine MacDonald, recently produced an excellent series which found 47 percent of Detroiters don't pay their taxes. The amount owed totals $240 million, enough to have avoided the emergency manager, if collected.

Like Williams, many justify their delinquency by citing the city's dismal assessing practices, which are being investigated by the state thanks to MacDonald's reporting.

When I asked Williams if he saw the irony in his denouncement of Orr for his tax troubles while he's got tax woes of his own, the pastor replied:

"I'm not asking to run no city. I don't make a million dollars a year."

But he did rub shoulders with millionaires for awhile.

A 2012 tax lien is on file in Wayne County against Williams for $9,000 he owes the Detroit Athletic Club, the exclusive private club that is the headquarters of the city's business elite — the 1 percenters Williams reviles.

Williams, 32, acknowledged the debt for unpaid dues and meals, saying he joined the DAC years ago, "and very quickly found I couldn't afford it."

As for the tax bill, if Williams is right about the abatement screw-up, he may be the victim of the dysfunction that landed Detroit under an emergency manager.

Rather than trying to drag Orr out of City Hall, Williams ought to see if he can get a private appointment with the turnaround wizard for some advice on how to get the tax man off his back.


From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20130407/OPINION03/304070306#ixzz2PpE...

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I worked for years in a small business where we accepted personal checks. My experience was that the majority of the checks that were returned for non-sufficient funds were from African American customers. We got stiffed by them a lot.

An entitlement culture doesn't understand why they should be held to the same standards as the rest of us. They're entitled. Yet again, they want to have big screen televisions, nice cars, cell phones, etc.--they just don't want to have to pay for them.

Putting money into Detroit is like throwing good money after bad. There's no hope there.

Detroit is in the state it's in because the Euro's and the Uncle Toms & Aunt Jane's stole all the money and left the good people at the mercy of the street crimminals.

Detroit like many big cities was slow to respond to changes in it's decade old rut of municipal mind set.
Following WWII there was a boom in industry. More jobs allowed for greater income, which allowed those living on top of each other in cities like Detroit to move to the the new suburbs sprouting up around the city, which my father and mother did.
Businesses followed and the first enclosed mall Northtowne was built which further hurt downtown Detroit.
City administrators faced with choices chose to do nothing to change the paradigm. Citizens, now increasingly low income voter for union Dems who told them they would "take care of them" get them their "fair share" of what the others were earning.
The riots chased other businesses and people out of the city and without those businesses employment rose. Union wages rose, auto manufacturers moved plants to les expensive states and countries adding to the unemployment numbers.
Coleman Young enters and blames it all on whites, has a terrible relationship with most businessmen except for the very wealthy like Fisher and Ford who need the city to survive. Neighborhoods begin dying, the city builds a people mover, neighborhoods burn the city spends money downtown, crime rises the city approves huge pension and benefit packages for union employees.
The rest as they say is history.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

"Detroit is in the state it's in because the Euro's and the Uncle Toms & Aunt Jane's stole all the money and left the good people at the mercy of the street crimminals."

Why would anyone who had enough money to get the hell away from racist people like you STAY in a city where your racist attitude poisons daily activity?

YOU RACIST BLACKS are the ones who drove the "Euro's and the Uncle Toms & Aunt Jane's" out of the city and racist attitudes like yours are what flushed Detroit.

That, and 40+ years of Dimocrats pandering for votes and selling themselves to the highest bidder in a race to whore themselves for power.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I must be Black on the inside because I don't look Black on the outside. I'm just an equal opportunity American stating the truth.

Only KKK members call blacks "Uncle Toms & Aunt Jane's "

So you must be a racist, self hating cracker and KKK member.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

That was my take. He uses a lot of racial language for someone who claims it's others trying to keep minorities down.


I never bought into that bogus claim that Euros try to keep minorities down, anyway. Who in their right mind, would think that Euros would rather keep spending billions and billions to support some group, when they could keep all that money for themselves by letting a group excel?

Your statement is totally untrue. Blacks call other Blacks Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes all the time when it's warranted. Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes undermine Blacks and Whites.

Maybe I don't understand exactly what those terms mean.

I understood an "Uncle Tom" or "Aunt Jane" could be considered a "sell out" or a person of color who has accepted their place in corporate America.

For instance, I heard the term repeatedly during the Clarance Thomas hearings. Clarance Thomas was an "Uncle Tom" because he was not "part of the hood".

I also heard the term "Aunt Jane" in reference to Condolezza Rice. It was said that C Rice got her job because she was an "Aunt Jane". NOT because she is super intelligent. Not because she graduated COLLEGE at the age of 19. NOT because she received her PHD when she was 23. It was said, even here on SB, that C Rice was Secretary Of State because she "sold out".

That's racist and you are proving it too. "Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes undermine Blacks and Whites" how? By making it in America without help from quotas?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Clearance Thomas received a lot of help through affirmative action, and then tried to outlaw it when he became a Supreme Court Justice. He tried to sabotage the very program that got his qualifications recognized and then tried to keep other talented Blacks from reaching their dream. That's what an Uncle Tom is. Rice is brilliant. She is also a wimpy, ultra concensus getter who will sell her soul for the opportunity to be the top dog.

You are saying that a black MUST have a government program to be recognized? Like (allegedly) Clarance Thomas did?

You're saying that a black woman MUST sell her soul to be top dog? Like (allegedly) Condi Rice?

You racist pig! Why do you hate blacks so much? How can you say that intelligence, determination, self control, education and discipline are secondary attributes compared to skin color?

Why do you continue to degrade successful individuals of color? Why is making yourself successful "selling your soul"?

Do you truly expect all blacks to be failures the way you seem to sound?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I 'm saying that people will discriminate against anyone who isn't like them unless there are laws that actually protect everyone's rights.

What you have proposed and repeatedly mentioned are laws that show preferential rights.

You yourself have shown your racism. You've said that Condi Rice "sold her soul" meaning she couldn't have gotten where she is strictly based on her superior intelligence.

You have previously said that Clarance Thomas COULDN'T have become a Supreme Court Justice based on his intelligence and education. YOU said he needed affermative action and you were pissed that he opposes it.

Re-read what you have posted. Repeatedly you have either insisted that blacks are inferior and need a law to "make it" or you have called names of successful people who don't ACT (or look) the way you do.

The bottom line is, I DIDN'T MAKE THE RULES OF CORPORATE AMERICA and neither did you. Nobody is to blame, because those rules exist for a reason. If you are a CEO, politician or a lawyer, you wear a suit. That's the rules someone made.

And if someone chooses NOT to wear a suit, pander and kiss babies, then they will probably NOT become a successful politician. If a lawyer chooses to disrespect a judge, then they will probably NOT be a successful lawyer. In short, YOU are "discriminating against anyone who isn't like you". Only YOU call them an "Uncle Tom" or "Aunt Jane"

If we were playing Monopoly, you seem to want to change the rules of the game to suit your vision of what it should be. You can't do that without some backlash from the rest of the players.

The rules of Monopoly apply to all who are playing, not just special rules for you.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You are in denial, my friend. Racism hasn't disappeared, it has changed its method of presentation.

It happens when a person of color is admitted to the University of Michigan because of preferential treatment even though Federal Law says that there can be no preferential treatment of a person based on race.

"The lawsuit was brought by the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight For Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) against the regents from the University of Michigan, trustees from Michigan State University, the Board of Governors of Wayne State University, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman, MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and WSU President Irvin Reid."

"By prohibiting preferential treatment “to any individual on the basis of race, sex, color ethnicity or national origin,” Proposal 2 was an illegal political restructuring, U.S. Appeals CourtJudge R. Guy Cole wrote."

"“We find that Proposal 2 unconstitutionally alters Michigan’s political structure by impermissibly burdening racial minorities,” he wrote in the majority opinion."


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Euro's have received special treatment every since this country was founded. When a Black friend of mine applied for a job locally he was told he wasn't qualified, but there was an opening cleaning up the work areas during and after the craftsmen perfomed their work. He needed a job so he took the job cleaning up for half the pay the newly hired Euro craftsmen were getting. He reported to work the next day only to be assigned to training the newly hired Euro craftsmen for half the pay. After about two weeks he approached the management to find out why he's was assigned to training the newly hired Euro crafstmen and only get half the pay. He was told that his education and work experience were better than all the new hires and better than most of the people who already worked there, but they didn't have a position available for him as a craftsman. I call this Euro Affirmative Action. It has been going on for centuries and it's still going on today.

You're irritated that a few minorities get to go to college. YOU should have never allowed minorities to read.

Of course he's not willing to say what company it was breaking the law. But it's rampant I tell you RAMPANT


What difference does it make what company it was. It shouldn't be any company.

It was only a matter of time before you started the "racist" rants I guess.

But if you are expecting me to run away in fear because you are trying to pin your "racist" moniker on me, too bad. It won't work.

The bottom line, you don't want people to judge you by the content of your character, you want preferential treatment based on the color of your skin.

So who's the racist? I want all people to have the same opportunity based on their skills, knowledge and character, YOU want preferential treatment based on skin color.

So who's the racist? Me, the guy you keep calling part of the "Euros"? Or you? The person who is basing everything on skin color?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

That's the American fabric, you idiot. You are in denial. People who speak the truth like myself will be crucified by those who are in denial. Deny it all you want, but the United States is a racist country just like all the rest of them.

On the one hand, you call me an idiot while in another post you tell Fred that "Usually, a personal attack is the only thing an adversary has if they have no political argument."

Therefore you have no political arguement, right?

And as I have said previously, you suffer from paranoia. It is evident in your statements above.
"People who speak the truth like myself will be crucified by those who are in denial. Deny it all you want, but the United States is a racist country just like all the rest of them."

I truly believe you have had some set backs in your life, but who hasn't? For everyone else, they can look at the decisions they have made and find the reason for the set-back.

YOU however blame everything bad that has happened to you on racism and the "Euros".

It makes you feel better about yourself, but is it really the truth? Could you not have made something of yourself without the "Euros" forcing college admissions be lowered for you? Could you not have become a success without the "Euros" "allowing" you to succeed?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

????????? After Coleman Young/ police chief Wm. Hart got in, there wasn't anything left to steal in Detroit.

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed 150 years ago. After several generations, one would expect that blacks--who have been given special consideration for college entrance, jobs, loans, etc., should be able to create environments that thrive.

When do blacks get to the point where they no longer blame whites for the situation they are in, but instead say "In spite of the history of our culture in the U.S., we have elevated ourselves to a position that meets and exceeds that of whites"?

One could look at preferential treatment in college admissions as racist in themselves.

To receive special consideration just based on skin color means there MUST be a difference between ability based on race.

In other words, to put it less than "politically correct", College Admissions quotas based on race mean that a specific race cannot compete on even footing. If a specific race cannot compete on even footing and needs that extra boost, then by proxy, that entire race must be inferior and needs to be propped up in some way.

Isn't that offensive to know the government thinks that an entire race cannot compete on even footing?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I call the quotas justice for all the qualified minorities who were denied admission.

If anyone can prove that a qualified minority was denied admission strictly based on skin color, SOMEONE IS GOING TO BE SUED.

So who was sued? Who was put on public display as being a racist for denying a qualified minority? I did hear about Smith College (an all female school) being sued for denying a MAN enterence even though he prefered to wear dresses. But that denial was not based on race, it was based on an all girl school not allowing a man.

Otherwise, I haven't see it in the papers.

Since you threw that out without any backup or proof, then you shouldn't be offeded when I call you a liar.

SOMETHING LIKE THAT, a College denying admission to a qualified minority based on race WOULD HAVE BEEN FRONT PAGE NEWS! Especially in the Toledo Blab.

Has ANYONE heard of a college denying admission to a qualified minority based on race? If so, which one? Post links. Give proof. Something that HUGE would have gotten lots of media attention.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

When these schools do it, it's not obvious. Some of these schools require freshmen to live on campus. If the school doesn't offer them housing on campus the student's admission is denied. You folks on SB must live in a vacumn. I will admit this, however, the Ohio law that makes it possible for anyone who graduated from an Ohio Public School System to be admitted to college is very poorly run. The bright side is that some of these students succeed and become productive members of society.

As far as suing someone, you know as well as I do that that trying to sucessfully sue somebody is almost impossible. It will take years and will cost a fortune.

"When these schools do it, it's not obvious"? Yet it seems obvious to you.

I'll guarantee that the ACLU or Rainbow Coalition would be more than happy to cover all costs associated with suing a racist school. We all know the headlines would make a splash.

So, if a school requires freshmen to live on campus, and then denies a freshman a dorm room based on skin color, WHERE is that lawsuit? What you allegedly see as racism COULDN'T happen without the media being all over that college.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You are very un-informed, my friend.

It sounds like any time a person of color doesn't get their way, you attribute it to some sort of racism.

In your world, all black people deserve to get into any college they want, and if they don't, it is because of racism.

Can't be because of grades. Can't be because of a lack of funds. Can't be because of any other reason besides racism.

And that in itself proves you EXPECT preferential treatment, which is racism.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

You posts assumes that someone helped me through college. Well, you are correct. My mother and father helped me with their moral support. Communty leaders helped me by helping me keep motivated. But most of all, I helped me, by studying hard, performing well and working 70 hours per week to pay for my education and support myself financially. I never got preferencial treatment of any kind. Result: Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Technology. My character is demonstrated by all the good deeds I've done for all ethnic groups and the ground-breaking contributions I've made to technology.

You can spin this any way you want, but the truth is the truth regardless what you say.

According to you, a government program did help you through college.

You might not have asked for help, but you had help getting admitted. The standards for college admission were weighted in favor of the color of your skin.

Remember YOU said Clarance Thomas " tried to sabotage the very program that got his qualifications recognized and then tried to keep other talented Blacks from reaching their dream."

Lucky for you that program Clarance Thomas "tried to sabotage" still existed to help you get into college! (or did you actually get into college based on you "studying hard, performing well and working 70 hours per week "? I tend to believe you worked for it, but since that Government Program exists, who's to know for sure?

Well, since the program exists and STILL exists, and since you are calling Clarance Thomas an "Uncle Tom" for not supporting that program, we can probably assume you needed that extra leg up from the Government.

Or, maybe, you actually DID get in using your own talent, knowledge and skill? Is that possible? You got into college based on the "Content of your character"? If so, then YOU also are sabotaging the program that got you in by admitting you didn't need help to get into college.

Remember, "You didn't build that." And if that program you think Clarance Thomas "tried to sabotage" still exists, that means YOU received preferential treatment contrary to what you say " I never got preferencial treatment of any kind." You might not have asked for or expected preferencial treatment, but you received it.

THAT is the way racism continues. By preferential treatment of one group of people over another. By Government Programs that judge people based on the color of their skin instead of the content of your character.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

It's not surprising that someone tried to spin my comment in a negative way. I graduated from highschool in the top five percent of my class and received special honors at annual academic competitions at BGSU. I was accepted at several universities based on my academic performance in high school and also because I had credits in four majors and high grades in math and science. I took the SAT test and scored 780 in math out of a maximum possible score of 800. Only five percent of the students who took the SAT that year scored better than I did. The only help I needed was financial resources, which I satisfied by working my way through college. I worked some awful jobs during my college career, including working as a raw cow hide laborer at H. Mendel Hides on Langrange street. Not once did I receive government assitance for anything. I went to graduate school and received my Masters Degree in one year and was inducted into the National Technolgy Honor Society, Alpha Pi Mu. I frankly don't see any preferntial treatment here. I see exceptional performance.


If you know that much about math then you should understand logic.

Under logic we would take your idea that blacks cannot achieve success because white America won't let them. So the inverse must be true. You as a part of white America can only have succeeded because of it.

Either that or you must admit your absolutism is flawed logic.


MikeyA, I bet even your dreams are negative. You need some serious help. Blacks and other minorities need people like you to get out of their way.

I believe in the power of self. That anyone can transcend their situation, to include slavery, I would recommend the works of Epictetus. That is the opposite of negative.

How am I in the way of anybody?


I don't know, but your post appear to be in the way.

"Words are like x-rays. If you use them properly they will go through anything." - A. Huxley


Which is it?

Did YOU acheve all these things?
*graduate from highschool in the top five percent of your class
*receive special honors at annual academic competitions at BGSU
*accepted at several universities based on my academic performance
* have credits in four majors and high grades in math and science
* take the SAT test and scored 780 in math out of a maximum possible score of 800

If so, why do you insist that you receive preferential treatment on College acceptance applications based on skin color?

It's obvious to anyone that you were going to succeed even without the Government.

And yet you still support quotas in College? Why did you try so hard and do so well if you didn't have to?

And the fact remains, since the Supreme Court found Michigan Proposal 2 unconstitutional (see below), that means whatever accomplishments you personally have had are now watered down. You may have accomplished many things, but can you truly say YOU did it since the law is YOU get preferential treatment based on skin color?

* Proposal 2 had amended the Michigan Constitution by adding a provision prohibiting discrimination and preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity, sex, or national origin in public education, public employment, and public contracting

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

That's your warped conclusion. Most of us Euro's have an innate characteristic that anyone who isn't a Euro needs our help. Most minorities I know don't want help from us Euro's. They just want a level playing field. As far as trying hard is concerned, I had a personal goal. Not only was I going to graduate, I was going to be one of the best in my career field. I graduated with honors and I ended-up being one of the top five professionals in my field on this planet. To answer your question about help from the government, I didn't want help from the government. I found a way to succeed without government assistance. Not everybody can do that, and I don't critisize anyone who succeeds utilizing government assistence. As long as people become productive members of society I don't care who helps them.

That has been what I've been trying to say.

You made the goals, you did the work, you made the sacrifice, and you succeeded.

And all we Euro Trash want is a "level playing field" also. THAT is equality. Not what we have now. For instance, college admissions quotas that make YOUR accomplishments appear less spectacular.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I think he's been "passing" most of the time here.

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