It's like a beheading

That's what an abortion worker (who thought he was doing a "residency" at an abortion mill) said in trial testimony. He was being truthful, because he cut a deal with prosecutors, and testified against the "doctor" who ran this particular abortion mill. It's a murder trial, explained in this article:

Hope the link works. Yesterday, when the article first appeared online, you could barely open the article, it was being so heavily accessed. Not just by pro-lifers, mind you - the "left" gets REALLY worried when something like this trial goes a little too public.

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choke one of the babies to death? It is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of! This so-called doctor could have used an assault on the babies, and the lefties would still be as quiet as they have been. The only way the drive-by media will get involved, is if someone "Zimmermans" the doctor, by finding a way to classify him as a hitherto unknown White person of some sort.

Excuse me, but isn't Grenada the place famous for mass producing "questionable" medical degrees? Now a guy with that kind of background is going to parrot what the persecutors (sic) tell him to say.

You can pray away bad outcomes of sporting events, you can pray away bad financial decisions, you can pray away the devil and you can pray away bad gambling bets. You can even pray the gay away. So now you can pray away unwanted or accidental pregnancies? I'm gonna pray for a new car and there better be one in the driveway when I wake up tomorrow!

(One more question: Did the devil make him do it?)

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