Owens Community College employees received a memo from the administration announcing a "projected budget deficit in excess of $7.5 million for the next fiscal year." The memo indicated that "30 administrative staff members are expected to not be renewed as of June 30, 2013."

This announcement parallels the University of Toledo's predicted $36 million deficit.

The Board of Trustees at these two institutions are guilty of malfeasance in not holding the employees who got the colleges into their financial messes--the high-level administrators--responsible for their actions.

Why eliminate $30,000-a-year jobs and not $300,000-a-year jobs?

Interestingly, Owens vice president of finance and administration, John Satkowski, came from UT in 2000 (where he held a similar position).

Owens and UT are institutions that receive taxpayer dollars, and we expect better guardianship of our money.

Below is the memo received by Owens employees:

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Owens Community College previously announced a projected budget deficit in excess of $7.5 million for the next fiscal year (July 2013 through June 2014). Due to this shortfall, contracts for approximately 30 administrative staff members are expected to not be renewed as of June 30, 2013. These individuals will be eligible to apply for open positions within the college. An additional 30 administrative staff members will likely be reassigned or have their contracts modified. Positions within other employee groups continue to be under review.

According to Owens President, Mike Bower, we have worked to reduce expenses and manage this shortfall, but the deficit is significant and positions will be impacted. We are faced with very difficult decisions that are necessary to maintain the mission of the college, which is to serve our students.”

Owens will continue to proactively realize cost savings through the elimination of vacant positions, retirement and attrition. These efforts have already resulted in an estimated reduction of 127 positions since 2011.

This is one of many actions the College is taking to bridge the deficit. Internal cost cutting measures, such as significantly reducing operating expenses, have achieved nearly $6.86 million in budget reductions for the College in the past 9 months alone.

Owens Community College has approximately 2,100 employees including full-time and part-time faculty and staff.

We are committed to working with affected employees either by placing them internally into other positions or by supporting them in their external job search efforts,” stated Jack Witt, Vice President of Human Resources.

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