Facebook photo raid: Cops raid family home over pic of child posing with gun..

"The photo posted on Facebook showed Moore's 11-year-old son wearing a camouflage outfit and holding a .22 rifle. The child actually has a New Jersey hunting license and even recently passed the state's hunter safety course.

Is this all it takes now to confiscate guns. "Shawn Moore is a certified firearms instructor for the National Rifle Association, a range safety officer for the NRA, and a New Jersey hunted education instructor". If you have a warrant, you’re coming in," "If you don’t, then you’re not.

Another constitutional violation if it was based on just the photo.They entered illegally. They had no search warrant.

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Exactly goes to the point behind the ridiculousness of these gun laws.

The gun in question was a .22 but it looked liked military in nature and hence an "assault weapon". What did the CPS official do? She refused to give her name and left immediately after she was denied entry unless a warrant was obtained, they never attempted to get a warrant.


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