Stainbrook now says never had relationship with Gallagher - forgot to check prev stories first

Jr over at ToledoTalk did some digging to remind Jon that Meghan was his girlfriend. Read the comment:

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Jon uses them both as slaves and then blatantly disrespects them both in public. Its sad they dont have more respect for themselves. The point is that he has a conflict and shouldn't have hired Meghan or take money from her. How did she get the job given her job experience consisting primarily of working at Pet Supplies plus, and a bagger at a supermarket. Does that qualify her to be director? When will the public say enough is enough and why doesn't the secretary of state can them both.

"When will the public say enough is enough"
Yeah, when?

I think this whole thing with Tony shows that he loves you until you disagree with him, then the ends justify the means. Let's say Jon knew about it, why is he only bringing this stuff out now? Because he has an ax to grind. Jon is a slimebag and that is it. Unless you are his girlfriend, you are expendable.

When will the public say enough is enough? Hopefully soon.

Chris, you know I'm not a Stain guy. We need to organize to get rid of this dirtbag.

I'm all the way out here in CA but I'd be willing to do my part. My brother is in C-Bus but has enough Toledo GOP connections he'd help too.

Even if it's an offshoot like what Dave Schulz tried to do several years back with COBRA I'd be with it.


It's going to be a long, long time. Welfare from the federal and state governments will go a long way towards keeping Toledoans complacent while the wealth base flees and predatory politicians like The Stain take their pound of flesh. Jefferson warned us that that sort of complacency risks us waking up poor on the continent our fathers conquered. His prediction is sadly spot on.

Toledo politicians are shameless, because we're complacent. The real fault does reside with us.

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