GOP takes wrong approach...

The news in recent days has been the big build up to the GOP crying party over why it all went wrong. Why doesn't anyone like us? What can we do to be the cool kids? Their answer change and be more like the Libs. Then all will be well and everyone will vote for us...Nothing could be further from the truth!

The things is, if you want to let's say a political party, you need to have some principals that people can believe in.Sound, character building principals. Right principal.
This wishy washy I believe this one day and this the next day will never fly. People, all people, want strong leaders to tell them the way we are going is this way and show them it is the right way.

The GOP and Mitt Romeny lost the last election for one reason and one reason only.....the 47% comment. Mitt...arggg. Mitt should have known...if he is going to lead it is the lost 47% of the sheep you need to go after and lead. He needed to show those lost Libs and Moderates the true path, to the right way to live. He needed to show them that he does truly care for them and that he wanted to work for them and help them in every way he could. I think if you asked Mitt that today in that context....he would agree.

This brings us to the GOP and their current path. It will be a train wreck. Any gains will be accompanied by substantial loses from the Christian Conservatives and will not be worth the loses. Also the message I feel they are trying to put forward is not a true message. It is a lie and will lead people so far from the truth that the country as a whole will be irreparably harmed. The promise of inclusion will lead to deep and lasting division. Divisions that will rip the GOP to shreds and most likely destroy the party; giving Mr. Obama the lasting legacy of the man who brought down the GOP.

Additionally, the GOP currents in office need to think before they speak. The comment of Tea Party members being "chuckle heads" is not very smart nor building to the common good. The GOP needs to take a good look at the Tea Party members and how they got into office and build on that rather that on trying to get into bed with the same message being sent by the Dems....or who knows, there may be a two party system and ... the GOP may not be one.

In God we trust and by his rule we must play.....

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You're absolutely right about the GOP trying to be a new type of quasi-democrat entity. Low information voters know enough to vote for the real Santa instead of one that seems to mimic him, you have to give them credit for that. Meanwhile, the next election cycle will be highlighted by the Conservatives sitting home, again. I disagree about why Romney lost. It had little or nothing to do with the 47% remark. He lost because he sloughed off on the Benghazi fiasco, and proceeded to disappear the last week before the election-playing it safe like all liberal Republicans do. Conservatives are NOT going to vote for someone like him--period.

The GOP is rapidly becoming democrat-lite.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

IMO it's time for the Conservatives to split from the Republicans.

The image of the Republican Party most of my friend's have is; it is a racist party and believes in a system that creates territorial lords the rest of us have to pay tribute. The Republicans don't recognize that a strong middle-class makes a strong America. Their greed is only over-shawdowed by their quest for bodily pleasures.

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