Dead people don’t need cell phones..

WASHINGTON – Dead people don’t need cell phones. The cost of the program has tripled to $2.2 billion in 2012
"That’s the message Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas wants to send Congress, after he says a controversial government-backed program that helps provide phones to low-income Americans ended up sending mobiles to the dead relatives of his constituents. Griffin has introduced a bill that targets the phone hand-out program, which has ballooned into a fiscal headache for the government".

“This program demands reform,” Griffin told on Monday. “There is a lot of waste in it and we need to be asking ourselves, ‘Where do we draw the line? Do we give everybody an iPad next? A computer? Is that the role the federal government should be playing?’”
"Griffin said the story of dead relatives receiving cell phones was relayed to him by constituents. He added: “I’ve also gotten calls from people who say their employees were bragging about having 10 phones.” < democratic voters

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Cell phones are not necessities. This isn't something that our tax dollars should be going to.

It reminds me of the stories friends have told me about delivering Christmas baskets to the "poor." One told me that she and her bank employee colleagues went to one house with gifts, food, and money and noticed that HBO was playing on the big screen television.

At another house, they were instructed by the recipient to put the basket on the table--where they found a collection of other gifts and food.

There's something very wrong with a faction of our society who expects to work for nothing, but to receive everything for which others have worked.

If these so-called dead constituents vote, then let 'em have a cell phone. What's the big deal, anyway?

Now if they don't vote, that's different.

Mad Jack
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