CPAC convention coming up!

Or as it is known among the Washington insiders, A convention of of dried up, sexless queers of whom 95% of them earned their money through inheritance. Wonder if any of you right wing closet queers on here are going to pack up your shine boxes and head down there to rub elbows with your idols. Palin & Gingrich will be there so there will be a lot of laughs. If your lucky maybe you can get your picture taken with the she-male Ann Coulter.LOL

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Are you in 3rd grade? Probably not--because a 3rd grader would know that "If your lucky" would actually be "If you're lucky."

I just realized I insulted 3rd graders.

All of this "closeted gays" and "she-male" talk from a man who supports the Party of Janet Napolitano and Sonia Sotomayor. LOL!

I'm trying to recall if Willard started out like this or not, I seem to recall the first couple of posts weren't this offensive and that it's just that over the last few months he has descended into being a person who resorts to insult instead of facts. I wonder if it's because at every turn someone on here refutes his statements with facts. It's a lot like what happened with Wolfman and now Zayed. When you can't play with the big boys you resort to comments on appearance and diet. I don't mind that much because I know I'm overweight, it just shows how lacking in credibility the posters are. Just my two cents.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Hey Fredo. You're a big boy alright. If your offended you must relate to the offensive language. What people like you do is mix a bunch of bullshit right wing talking points in with
a few "facts" and package the whole deal as facts. Most of the actual "facts" you state are basically common sense statements that nobody is/was disputing in the first place. My favorite "fact" from the right is the "If you cut the taxes on the rich they will invest back in their companies". Yeah right. Fredo you're only on this site to stir up shit and try to remain relevant as a Toledo radio "personality" before Bain puts you out to pasture. I think its too late because you burned a lot of bridges in this town. I will be sorry to see you go. Aside from your faults, I still think you're a swell guy :)

I am a big boy, BMI over 30 so I can get special seats at the World Cup in Brazil. I'm not complaining about you, just asking why you post those things. What purpose do they serve? Do they move the conversation down the field so to speak, do they change minds, do they present facts? No, no, and no.
As far as being on the site, I was one of the first one here when Chris started it and so far it has done little or nothing to make me either relevant or irrelevant as a "personality". As far as Bain putting me out to pasture goes, get in line with the people who have been predicting that since I first came to WSPD 7 years ago. That's like predicting that I'll die someday.
So the only question really is why can't you answer comments with factual information as opposed to comments about appearance and sexual preference?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Hi Fred, to quickly answer your question, the main reason I reply like I do is because I'm immature. The secondary reason , and I explained this a while ago, when I got banned from TT I found this board. What I also found was a few loud mouths on here attacking and name calling individuals for making comments. Whatever position they took I took the opposite to fuck with them. Most of the loudmouths on here are pussies but never see a real pussy. As far as answering comments with factual information goes, most comments
are basically opinions not facts. Posting links to a website that some person wrote an article on, is basically that guys opinion . I'm just passing time on here, nothing to get too excited or upset about.
PS, Johnny D couldn't make a pimple on your ass:)

Williard, I'll bet the "queers" you pointed to are upset with your posts, what is your problem? I think you just might be "latent", as they say.

G-man, I shouldn't generalize and say all right wingers are closet queers. That simply is not true. Its immature too. What is true is a great number of them are your tap foot bathroom
stall queers but most are probably like your self, just dried up and sexless:)

I'm sure you're no stranger to cocksuckers' conventions yourself.

I think Fred is actually a swell guy as well, but for some reason I like messing with him. On the occassions that I see him in person, he has no clue who I am. He's tried to guess at least once. I especially liked messing with him when I was part of the "Take Back Toledo" group.

In other words, you're just another troll who messes up the Forum.

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