Who is Frank Marshall Davis?

Can anyone tell me who the hell is Frank Marshall Davis.

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A crazy Glenn Beck conspiracy...

Next question...

... with a man who wrote a book on FMD, and answers your question quite clearly. If you read my other link, you will notice the name Jarrett coming up again (notable offspring being V. Jarrett, close current advisor to BO).


Amazing, isn't it, how liberalism / progressivism sounds exactly like communism. And yet American liberals themselves rarely get it.

If you haven't read "Witness" by Whitaker Chambers (from the 1950's) - check it out of the library some day. Absolutely fascinating. And the main reason that nothing about BO every fooled me for 2 seconds. It was too easy to recognize all the signs and symptoms.

Actually, this reply was intended to be a second replyl to Don't Tread On Me. (I would never recommend "Witness" to a liberal.)

A crazy Glenn Beck conspiracy...Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's real father, what the hell......

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I never cease to be amazed what is available on the internet. In one of my earlier replies I offered to quote from "The Persecutor" by Sergei Kourdakov [out of print, and SK died in 1973].

No need to quote - the entire book has been put on-line by someone. Here it is:


My grandmother gave it to me when it was first published, with the forewarning that it might be too graphic for me to stomach. So I will pass that warning along, even though we now live in the days of "Criminal Minds" and other horrible tv shows. Kourdakov didn't spare himself when he told his story. The "religiousniki", or Christian Believers were treated as enemies of the state under Soviet Communism.

I've just re-read some of "Witness" also. Chambers points out how American liberals defended Communism from roughly 1938 through 1948. I think in many respects, they still do - they just don't call it Communism. Nor do they admit that one set of "pogroms" got exchanged for a different set of pogroms.

who was reportedly addicted to pornography, among other things. You have probably googled his name. If you read only wikipedia, you got a "scrubbed" or air brushed version. He was an unsavory character.

You probably know that Victor Reuther and his brother Walter Reuther, went over to the Soviet Union at one point, but were smart enough to see the failings of Soviet Communism. Frank Marshall Davis wasn't smart enough or moral enough to renounce Communism. And by all accounts, with BO's (white & communist) grandfather's blessing, Davis became mentor to little Barry, who was abandoned (let's face it) by his mother. It's a sad and sickening story, frankly.

Alger Hiss, for instance, was also an American Communist - but he didn't live the seedy filthy life that Frank Marshall Davis did. Hiss also denied he was a Communist and working for the "reds" at the time he was outed by Whittaker Chambers. Hiss had just been appointed to head the Carnegie Endowment for Peace (I think it was), and when the allegations made national news, David Rockefeller had to fire him. Filthy guys like Davis - I suppose he avoided Hiss's fate because they couldn't get him for espionage. I had never heard of him before the current faker became prez. Here's an interesting link:


Communists who McCarthy claimed were working in the State Department in 1950, you refer to the only one ever convicted of being a Soviet spy. 1,,,that's one. And how those Communists did their work! America is still free to vote for whomever Americans choose, and the Soviet Union is dead! The United States won the Cold War, but delusional extremists like you just can't accept it!

Communism, as practiced in the Soviet Union at that time, is dead also. The current economic system in China has so much capitalism within it, it is not even close to a Marxist model. The only thing about China that is like the former Soviet Union is the severe limits their people endure on their personal and political freedoms, which were never seen as a permanent part of Marx's vision.
China learned from the former Soviet Union's dissolution that the better way to confront the United States is not militarily, but in undermining our economy. That, China is doing extremely well, with help from Walmart and a host of international manufacturers. These giant corporations, many still headquartered in the United States, are mostly led by our least patriotic Americans. They pledge their allegiance, not to our flag and country, but to their golden idols of profit!

... & wasn't going to answer it... speaks for itself in terms of silliness.

Then I re-read your last sentence more closely: "They pledge their allegiance, not to our flag and country, but to their golden idols of profit!

To which I am compelled to respond: Well, yes, you are indeed describing Obama to a "T" there. You actually think he is financed and propped in place by political contributions of the unwashed masses? I'm trying to think of the name of the ULTRA RICH GUY who, in large part, funded the Russian "revolution". Oh yeah.... Jacob Schiff. ('nuf said). Aaaaaand, you didn't know that?

Also, they "pledge allegiance...." Yeah, well, don't make me re-post the link with the picture of bo-bo NOT pledging allegiance, while everybody around him was doing so.

nation's economy to enrich the Communists in China. One can't get much more unpatriotic than they are. But you keep defending them. Good job!!

Well then, why don't you start with the millions of people crowding into stores to buy all the cheap Chicom junk on the shelves?

I guess you support the actions of the giant corporations, too.

I hope that you have money in the stock market. Most of these corporate entities are at or near all time share price highs. Of course, common folks make thousands, while the Walton siblings make hundreds of millions. My dividends from Exxon-Mobil, a stock I bought shortly after W was sworn in in 2001, almost pay for all of our gas for our cars. And the stock has increased in value 339.02% since I purchased it, including a 2 for 1 stock split as of June 19, 2001. I can't complain.

Has it occurred to you that the salary and benefits that enabled you to buy that stock was paid by Wendy's and K-Mart workers - and also workers with much worse jobs than those? Hmm?

Somehow my replies get positioned in the wrong place, instead of where I actually hit reply.

My GOOD OLD RICH OLD JACOB SCHIFF reply was to DP's post. See, I hit a sore spot with Jacob Schiff. And DP doesn't want to address what that particular RICH monster did with a lot of his money.

whilst you tippy-toe right by the screaming-out-loud evidence of Obama's communist party connections.

Point out to me, btw, where I "keep defending those who are ruining our economy". I never defend BO and his Communist helpers. For that matter, I have NEVER, on this board or elsewhere, defended the banksters that Obama got into bed with (meaning politically, rather than the Chicago bath houses). It appears that as usual, you are making up fairy tales, probably to hide the fact that you know EXACTLY who Jacob Schiff was, but hope that readers of this forum don't. You surely didn't think I was going to let you sidestep that.

I have a (now out of print) book "The Persecutor" by Sergei Kordukov, whose job, as a communist party member, was to persecute Soviet Christians, who used to hold underground (secret) church meetings. I'd be glad to quote from the book for you sometime, to add to your education. Yeah, good old RICH OLD Jacob Schiff - without whom Stalin couldn't have murdered millions. Without whom, Russians might not have had to live in misery and oppression for 70 years. GOOD OLD RICH OLD JACOB SCHIFF. Didn't one of Al Gore's daughters marry into that family? Yeah, good old, rich old, Al Gore.

I have never heard of Jacob Schiff. Believe it or not, I do not know every Jew in the history of the world just because I happen to follow the same religion. So, I read about Schiff. He was virulently anti-Czarist because of the Pogroms which targeted Jews for severe persecution. He did help fund Japan in its war against Russia, but the only website which tied Schiff to the Russian Revolution claimed that Schiff, not Lenin, ordered the murder of the Czar and his family. That seems a bit incredible to me. If he did what you say, he was an evil man. You give disjointed, confusing information as is your wont. The Russian Revolution was led by Lenin, not Stalin. Are you saying that Schiff bankrolled both of them? I read nothing tying Schiff to Stalin. Indeed Schiff was a Republican and had friendly relations with, among others, Teddy Roosevelt, Bill Taft, and John D. Rockefeller. And what does that all matter? With virtually all of the wealthiest Russians supporting either the Czar or Alexander Kerensky, you'd have a very hard time proving that one man's wealth was so vast that Schiff dictated who would lead Russia. Lenin was a rhetorical genius and extremely charismatic. He was from the extremely small Russian middle class. His father was a physician, as I recall. Despite foreign help to others, Lenin's Bolsheviks were victorious in the aftermath of a long civil war.

Stalin was one of the worst human beings to ever live. He may have had more people killed upon his orders than did Hitler. I agree that Christianity was suppressed under Stalin, mostly Orthodox Christians. I do find your deep concern with the suppression of Orthodox Christians interesting. You should also know that Stalin's regime treated Jews as badly or worse than Christians.

I know, in your delusional view, you sincerely believe that President Obama and I are both virulently anti-Christian and closet Communists. I have made my position clear several times, but here I go again. I have the greatest respect for all of the major religions. I have been in churches, synagogues, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and mosques. I have never left a house of worship feeling worse than when I entered it. Because of my great respect for all religions, I believe in total religious freedom. As part of this deeply held belief, I also respect the rights of atheists and agnostics. I believe that the government should not have anything to do with religion, and religion should have nothing to do with government. I believe in the same "wall of separation" between church and state which Thomas Jefferson articulated over 200 years ago.

Furthermore, I hate Communism. having actually studied Communism, having read Marx, Engels, and Lenin, a find fault with their assumptions about the necessity of violence to redress the economic inequalities of the 19th Century. And, in practice, Communism not only fails economically, but also creates a system where common folks often have less social and political freedom then they had under the worst monarchies and uncontrolled capitalist economies.

I have to make one more point. FG -- You are so hung up on ancient history! Who really cares what Jacob Schiff may or may not have done 100 years ago? Who really cares what Alger Hiss did 60 years ago? The United States won the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Now, we have to concentrate upon winning the peace with Communist China. And, yes, when you defend the Walton family -- here and now, not 60 or 100 years ago -- and the others controlling the giant corporations which are selling out our nation for profits, I will criticize you! And I do believe that what they are doing, and what you are defending, is blindly materialistic, unpatriotic, and un-American.

Dale, you're talking with a crazy unhinged ideologue. During the primary she said she would never vote for someone who wasn't a conservative, something she accused Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as being. That tells you where she stands on the ideology scale.

She is a kool-aid drinking Ron Paul supporter. After what I saw Mr. Paul said about Chris Kyle, now as far as I'm concerned Ron Paul is not the christian he claims and can go f*ck himself permanently. I'm glad his campaigned failed ironically like most the legislation he proposed.

"I have to make one more point. FG -- You are so hung up on ancient history! Who really cares what Jacob Schiff may or may not have done 100 years ago? Who really cares what Alger Hiss did 60 years ago?"

There is a lot of people on this site hung up about what happened 100 years ago.


When you get out of denial mode, MikeyA, those people will probably stop posting.

I had a feeling what the gist of your message to me would be. I often post, not for closed minded like FG, but for the more open minded who read what she writes, and may believe her most outrageous rants without a sensible response.
Thank you for your advice. I know that it is sincerely given.

Dale, ZC obviously disagrees with you and I.


MikeyA, i don't agree with anything you post.

I believe the holocaust happened.


Good one, Mikey!

I believe the Holocaust happened also. I don't believe you believe it did. There are people out there who have said it didn't happen and have provided citations that it didn't happen. So let's find the proof and when we find the proof let's forget about it since it happened over 50 years ago. Let's also forget about the Constitution since it was created over 200 years ago. Let's forget about the Civil War because it happened 150 years ago. Let's forget about the Spanish American War when the Buffalo Soldiers took San Juan Hill, but Teddy Rosevelt got credit for it.

Good one ZC.

First, everything you state is common knowledge so no citation would need to be required, only if it goes AGAINST common knowledge.

"I don't believe you believe it did." Well I'm on record stating I believe it occurred. So who knows more about what I believe, me or you? Which is my favorite Beatle? Since you're an expert on me maybe you can tell me that.


I'm referring you to Dr. Josehp Cynesky. I hear he is an excellent therapist, but I don't have any citations to offer you.

made Stalin possible. The reason I thought you knew who Schiff was, is that I actually thought that a school teacher in our age group would know the basics of the Russian Revolution. And that you were deliberately ignoring the fact that Valerie Jarrett's father, along with Frank Marshall Davis, were out and out communists. I brought Schiff up primarily because you are always railing against the "privileged". My point being that, yes, the privileged can do a lot of damage. But YOUR definition of privileged always leaves out privileged nut cases like Schiff and Al Gore.

Point out to me, btw, where I defended the Walton family. You can't, because I don't waste my time defending ANY who can take care of themselves financially - including you - OR the Kennedys. You are truly becoming unhinged - and frankly, that does surprise me a little.

And Alger Hiss - well lots of people these days are first-time readers of "Witness" - just for starters. And if we have a president in place who was/is heavily influenced by communists and fellow travelers and sympathizers [such as Bill Ayers of the violent Weather underground], then we have a serious problem in this country, which will continue to get worse. The original poster of this thread asked who Frank Marshall Davis was, and I gave an accurate answer. And it's frightening who this evil man was, and who he influenced.

You also have a major logic problem, DP - if history doesn't matter, why is it still taught in public schools????????? Most of our generation are familiar with the saying: If you don't know history, you are DOOMED to repeat it.


Hold your horses because there are parts of our history that are not true..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Someone should tell MikeyA his understanding of history is mostly flawed.

What did I state that was wrong? Then please explain why what I said is wrong.


and living in the past. I have pointed out the flaws of both the left and the right in greatly exaggerating the effects of archaic events upon present situations. You have not even come close to making a case for Jacob Schiff providing the means for Stalin to emerge as the supreme leader of the Soviet Union upon Lenin's death. This friend of TR, Bill Taft, and JD Rockefeller helped Stalin? Prove it! Schiff supported the Russian Revolution because the Russian Czar supported the Pogroms, where Jews were tortured, raped, and killed by the thousands...period! Are you now supporting Nicholas II??

And to equate the very modest wealth my wife and I have accumulated with the enormous wealth of the Kennedys or the Schiffs, not to mention the billions accumulated by the Waltons, is outright ludicrous! If I had anything even close to their wealth, I'd probably be running a charitable trust in my family's name right now!

It was apparently written in 2000 after that year's election. Enlightening.


In fact, Stalin ordered the murder of Trotsky after Stalin consolidated power following Lenin's death. Trotsky was hunted down and butchered in his home outside of Mexico City. According to one of the original articles written at the time for the Manchester Guardian, England's second largest newspaper, Trotsky's last words were, "I think Stalin has finished the job he started."

Schiff's goal was NEVER to foster Communism, but to eliminate the hated Czar. He perceived Lenin and Trotsky to be the best vehicles for achieving that goal, period!

DP I notice that those on here who make the most outrageous claims have the hardest time proving it.... or flat out refuse.


And political position and/or ideological bent means nothing in such instances.

Mikey has not a clue who the Buffalo Soldiers were....

Ok purnhrt.

As if I didn't spend a lot of time playing Bob Marley songs in college.

I bet you don't know what the business plot was. Have fun googling.


You need to provide a citation. The words of the crazy man, MikeyA.

What would you like cited? That Bob Marley sang Buffalo Soldiers or that I played it with my roommate at Maxwells Brew back in the late 90's?

I can show you the song citation but I don't think Maxwells keeps records of open mic nights let alone from almost 15 years ago.


that was you singing "Buffalo Soldiers" in Maxwells at open mike night 15 years ago? WOW....who would have known!..lol

It was me. But if you were there you'd know I sang backup.

It was my over-the-top version of "What's going on" that I sang. Also that was the closer.


What MikeyA didn't tell us was that he was singing about buffalo wings.

What is your food obsession?

You keep making food comments to Fred and now to me. Are you some type of Epicurean?


Naked with a bowl of jello

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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