The Perestroika Deception

Russian Defectors Have Warned the US About This Moment. High-profile Soviet defectors have been telling American intelligence agencies for decades that the Russians have engaged in a multigenerational plot to destabilize America prior to the takeover in which both the Russians and the Chinese will unleash a ferocious military assault upon our country.
Bezmenov is well known for revealing Russia’s doctrine of ideological subversion, a slow, long-term multi decade process of media-based brainwashing in which the sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and destroy the moral base of America. Can anyone argue that our country’s values represent a debasement of our national sense of morality? Every perversion known to mankind in now honored in our media. Christians are out and hedonists are in. Loyal husbands and fathers are out and a philandering lifestyle is a honored virtue.On this point, the Russians have won so far. If this is true then all signs in and around Alaska point to the fact that the Russian attack will commence through the Bering Strait and proceed southward into British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. China through the southren border
Russia Green Lights $65 Billion Siberia-Alaska Rail and Tunnel to Bridge the Bering Strait!

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Wow! The Russians are going to invade Alaska via a 200 mile long rail tunnel and proceed to march down some of North American’s roughest terrain into Idaho? All while the Chinese secretly move troops into Mexico and invade? Do you think these things through or do you believe everything you read?

Its a repost of an article, quit ASSUMING my beliefs or otherwise AS USUAL.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You repost articles without attribution, it would be hard to believe they aren’t your words or thoughts, but it doesn’t matter, because I made no assumptions

I forgot the quotation marks would that have helped you. No because I didn't cite it for you. Google The Perestroika Deception and take it from there... "Do you think these things through or do you believe everything you read"? How is this statement not making an assumption.

I post alot of different topics ect... its food for thought it doesn't mean I believe everything I post, but you seem to think so, I usually attribute at least with quotation marks which lets one know I'm not saying it. Pay attention.......I mean that in more ways then this one...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

This sounds totally ridiculas. Russia and China both know such an effort would cause WW3.

China, will not invade the US. They hold our debt. Do you think we will keep paying it if they invade?

China, also is going to face a debt crisis even bigger than ours. Their population replenishment, the number of children to replace their workforce, is drastically off due to the 1 child policy.

The effect is much like what we're facing with entitlements but with a dramatic drop off as workers fall out of the labor force and are there is no replacement. At least in the US illegal immigration has actually helped to replace our workforce replenishment.

Add to it that the chinese population will be a 2 to 1 male to female ratio, women will assume more power in a male driven society. Be prepared for social upheaval.

I'd actually be surprised if the government of China isn't significantly changed within the nest 20-30 years.


Russians didn't conquer us. The bankers did.

When you're winning the peace, there's no reason to fight a war.

On the other hand, Russia is not to be trusted. The Russians have been expansionist for about ...ohhh...500 years or so. They backed off in the 1990s because they were a minority, albeit the largest minority, in their own country, the former Soviet Union. But they are not to be trusted. Most Russians still believe they have a right to have hegemony over the entire area that was once the Soviet Union.

Overall, this post is paranoid nonsense!

Agreed, Russia is more likely to invade Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia.

My post above is a reason I support globalism, it makes us less likely to fight one another.


Just think if all nations could spend, say 20%, of what they now spend on the military for minimal defense expenditures, because we truly lived in a world where nations would not be a constant threat to their neighbors? The savings to taxpayers, with some money redirected to infrastructure and education from preschool through post-college graduate schools, including non-college skilled-trade training, would reap untold benefits in future scientific, medical, technological, energy, and economic advances.

It's not just the United States which would benefit. Think if Israel and its Muslim neighbors would concentrate on these areas of peace instead of how to better kill each other, or protect themselves from each other. Russia and its neighbors are another example, which you cited also. How about India (with over 1 billion people) and Pakistan (about 190 million people, 6th in the world) being united instead of divided! BTW -- If one adds the populations of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh (about 160 million people, 7th highest on the world) together, the Indian subcontinent has more people than China!!
I could go on and on. The advantages of peace are seriously mind-boggling! Is this totally impossible? After its civil war in 1948, Costa Rica abolished it's military, replaced it with a national police force, and spends a drastically reduced portion of its national budget on that police force, and the rest of the former military budget on " and culture." While wars have swirled around Costa Rica in a quite violent part of the world, Costa Rica has had no war for 65 years! Is it just coincidence that Costa Rica has one of the largest American expatriate populations in the world?

If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, the world would never go hungry.

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