Detroit fiscal emergency ~ how is that possible?

if as the UAW sheep say, obama saved the american auto industry, and DTW is the home of the american auto industry, why is the city not booming?

Anyone been there recently? I have... it's not place to go...

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Allow me to answer as Zayed or purfart would...... The White overseers of Detroit for years have bled the city dry of any real economic development. White people fled the city after riots and took their money with them. White people used urban renewal to move the Black population around the city. Black mayors and councilmembers weren't trained properly by their White mentors so they repeated the same mistakes.
Now, my answer......having grown up in Detroit, attending school, and working in the inner city let me tell you what happened. After WWII when population began it's inexorable move to the suburbs for property of their own, and bigger homes the businesses followed. Those left behind because of economics chose poorly when it came to leadership believing the Democrat lie that "we will take care of you". From Coleman Young until Kwame Kilpatrick the people of Detroit have chosen mayors who were unwilling or unable to see the problems that loomed before them including a bloated city government and aging infrastructure. They relied first on the sports teams to save them with shiny new stadia and arenas. When that didn't work they chose casinos. And now when nothing can save them they scream that they don't need an overseer, they just need a helping hand.
The people of Detroit still fail to see thier own responsibility in their problems. They continue to believe that the Democrats will save them using other people's money. But those other people don't have as much as they used to and they are tired of paying for someone else's mistakes. Good luck Detroit.

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Are you serious? My guess is out of control crime, outsourcing automotive jobs, crumbling infrastructure, population fleeing to other areas, Coleman Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, huge legacy costs, urban blight, and so on, and so on, and so on. I almost forgot, add the democrat infestation to the mix.

That's not the question to ask. Instead, ask why this wasn't done a lot sooner.

Detroit borrows a billion dollars every 3-4 years now. There's no end to it, and equally so there's no prospect of paying on that debt. Michigan should have put a stop to this shit at least 5 years ago.

I'll believe Snyder's serious if his emergency manager actually cancels the major union contracts. Until then this is just more political theater, much like the 2012 theater about Detroit's self-management, possibly to put all of Michigan on the hook to cover for Detroit's union spending spree.

I have no doubt this will be the first step in Detroit's turn around. They have to redo the pensions it's about to be a 1.5billion dollar a year expense. The problem as I see it is how long should the state control the city?

Eventually it will revert to local control. How do you prevent it from happening again?

I am hopeful, I love the city and it hurts me to see the shape it is in.


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