Oscar time

Hello again. As you know Sunday is Oscar night. Any on you Bubble heads on here seen any movies in 2012 that you really liked?
Here is a list of nominees:
"Beasts of the Southern Wild"
"Django Unchained"
"Les Misérables"
"Life of Pi"
"Silver Linings Playbook"
"Zero Dark Thirty"

I've seen Argo, Django, Lincoln, Silver lining playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. Out of these five,
Silver lining Playbook was my favorite with Django coming in a close second. Any movie or movies that you enjoyed?

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I saw Atlas Shrugged II--that was very good. Otherwise, I don't care to give my money to liberal Hollywood losers. (Won't be watching the Oscars either.)

Was that movie nominated? I kid I know that it wasn't. I watched that movie. It was boring and poorly made. That would explain why you liked it so much.! Give your money instead to conservative closet homosexuals which you idolize.

The real irony is that in show business, which regularly promotes alternative lifestyles, there seems to be an inordinately large number of gays who are/were closeted. Jodie Foster, Ian McKellen, Rock Hudson, Victor Garber, Rupert Everett (who recently told young gay actors to stay in the closet), Ricky Martin, Elton John, Lance Bass, Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, Meredith Baxter, and Kelly McGillis.

It would seem to me that closeted liberals should be looked at with at least as much disdain (if not more) than conservatives.

The REAL STORY with you and most closeted homosexual right wingers such as yourself is your wife looks like your mother and you have had no sex (other than with your hand) in Twenty years.
IF you sexless dried up hicks would get some pussy once in a while you wouldn't be on here whinning about dumb shit all the time.

Although I appreciate your ability to significantly setback civilized conversation with just a few sentences, I would suggest that when you are penning witty repartee that you check your spelling. It's "whining" not "whinning."

Little Willie, why are you so angry all the time?
Why are you so hung up on sex?
I'll bet things in your cell block would be much better for you if you were able to fight off the continued prison rapes you are subjected to.
Too bad your mommy didn't protect you from your daddy bending you over and having his way with you.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Your the retard looking to get someone to blow you. Like I said I try to make a post about something not political and all the angry, sexless dried up girly boys (such as yourself, thanks for showing up and proving my point), come out of the woodwork to spill their hate and frustration. Its not my fault you were sexually abused as a child. Its not my fault that the only girl that looked at you in high school you married, looks like your mother now, and hasn't given you any sex in 20 years. Leave me out of it.

Actually SP already noted it was you who brought sexual orientation into the conversation.


I'm sure I've explained this before, little Willie, but it is obvious that you are by far the most ignorant and dense moron on the web. Even for a Libtard, you are an ignorant embarassment.

LIBSCANBLOWME is only my identity because it takes to long to type:

Think of LibsCanBlowMe as me telling you personally that I have absolutely zero respect for you. Eat Shit And Die. Fa_Caugh, Drop_Dead.....Blow Me.

Get it, you piss poor excuse of a human being? You retard? You momma's boy? You prison whore? You dick-licking faggot and gaping pussy?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Typical Fat, angry white man. So full of hate and too stupid to know that I own you! Get it out of your system, maybe it will save your mother a beating at your hands Norman. ROFL

I just want to make sure it's OK to use racist remarks like you have.

I'll bet, if you crackhead hobag mommy even knew who your baby-daddy was, he probably smacked her around before having his drunk way with you. That is when your crackhead ho mommy wasn't turning tricks.

Typical angry racist black man blaming his problems on everyone else but himself and the brain damage he received from a drunk crack smoking excuse for a mommy.

Get a job.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Willard is talking smack about closeted homosexuals--and he wrote an entire blog about the Oscars? LOL!

Willard will be watching and afterwards watch the Bravo afterparty while he sips his mojito and talks about how fat the actresses are in their dresses.

I will be with my closeted homosexual friends watching hockey because it's FABULOUS!


How do you know Bravo has an after party? Is it because YOU have watched it before?
PS: Hockey = BORING

My wife watches it. Hence hockey is watched upstairs in the bedroom.

Btw my wife loves Bravo and HGTV hence I know the shows on them despite not having watched a one. The only thing on our Dave that is mine is Once upon a time and Sons of Anarchy.


Most of those queers in hollywood come right out and admit their queer as opposed to closet queers such as yourself who prefer to suck dick in private!

How about a list of the show business gays who came right out and announced they were gay when they first became known?

Glenn Beck
Rust Limballs
Shaun Hannity

Another fat angry white man watched the Oscar's last night and wasn't too happy that M. Obama gave an award away. Those dam liberals. His sidekick wasn't too happy either. He said the show stunk yet he watched the whole thing. He is a former sidekick of another fat, angry white man, one Mumbles (shit in his mouth) Wilson. LOL

Willard: You had already told us you were going to watch.

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