Well, just as Nancy Pelosi had warned, Obamacare needed to be passed before we knew what it included; and now some Democrat Senators are experiencing buyers’ remorse.

On February 14, 2013, an appropriate day for news about how middle-class Americans will not be eligible for affordable health care coverage to mend their broken hearts, the director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, testified in front of the Senate Finance Committee. You didn’t hear about how a group of Democrat senators were outraged at the failings of Obamacare on the dinosaur media? Nope.

I have provided some links to articles that explain the issues that upset these Democrat senators later in this article, but it can be summed-up by Senator Bill Nelson from Florida’s comment that “The people of Florida are going to suffer. I want someone to be held accountable for this.” Senator Nelson, do you own a mirror?

As the 2014 mid-term elections approach, the Republicans would be smart (fill-in your own editorial comment there) to really focus on how Democrat control of the House, Senate, and Presidency will bring us back to more programs like the atrocious Obamacare.


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Of course they have "remorse", if you can call it that.

It's more like 2014 fear. They KNEW there was going to be rebellion at the voter level, when the individual mandate hits in 2014. They KNOW the Catholic church has said 'WE WILL NOT COMPLY". But they (Dems) also knew they could probably skate through 2012, because the only provision (BRIBE) really in force was the LET YOUR 20-SOMETHING SIT ON HIS DEAD BUTT ON MOM & DAD'S INSURANCE POLICY... INFAMOUS BRIBE to middle class families.

Dem Reps also have a pretty good idea that when the lawsuits regarding religious liberty hit the Supreme Court, that boob Roberts will have nowhwere to hide, and will most likely vote against Obama on the religious liberty issue. The Dems ALL know this, and are trying to figure ways to avoid being linked to bo-care. (Good luck with that.)

It's 2014 when bo-care hits the fan - all Dem Reps know that - and know the backlash is coming. They all want to be re-elected in 2014. Oh me-oh-my-o - what shall we do? I know (they must be saying amongst themselves). We shall all pretend to be OUTRAGED at this or that part of bo-care, and pretend we didn't know "that" was "in there".

Additional note: Listening to WJR a.m. radio the other day, a guy was being interviewed who was somewhat of an expert on bo-care, and pointed out that there is no real enforcement mechanism. The only thing the IRS can do is withhold $ if you over-pay your taxes. Hint... hint... DON'T OVERPAY YOUR TAXES. And many will simply pay the penalty rather than purchase over-priced insurance policies (policies only, that have nothing to do with actual heath care).

I think this whole boondoggle will go down in flames. But it will take a few years. It will take complacent Dem voters who get hit with the individual mandate next year to wake up and get angry. This is what Dem reps see coming up really fast, now, to hit them in the face in 2014.

Boo, uh, hoo.

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