Ted Kennedy

I was actually about to post the plea deal Jesse Jackson Jr. just made - presumably to stay out of jail. A poster boy of sorts for the ingrained corruption of Chicago politics, in which he was raised. But changed my mind, because the Democrats have demonstrated slavish devotion for decades to a truly wicked man (no longer with us) - Ted Kennedy. Jesse Jr. may finally turn to God and repent some day. Kennedy never did.

In this article, Joseph Farah is correct. TK should have lost his political career when Mary Jo Kopechne drowned. Had he been anyone else, he most certainly would have.


Personally I remember when Ted Kennedy & Howard Metzenbaum were literally dancing on the floor of the Senate right after defeating the Bork nomination. Bork being an individual whose shoe laces neither Kennedy nor Metzenbaum were worthy to tie.

Note to Republican Senators: Remember Judge Bork & Ted's jubilation when Obama nominates somebody to replace the next liberal judge to retire (most likely Ginsburg who can barely sit up in a chair anymore). Defeat whoever BO nominates and ignore the lap dog press who - in the case of a Dem prez - will whine that the prez should get whoever he wants on the Supreme Court. Avenge at least one of TK's evil deeds.

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I do not understand the point you are trying to make. In order that I may understand what you are attempting to communicate, would you please elaborate and clarify?

It's been 3 years 180 days of sobriety for Ted Kennedy. Congratulations.

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