The best 6 minutes and 58 seconds a Detroiter could ever spend.

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This guy is racist! Doesn't he realize that Urban Renewal destroyed Detroit and that rich white people have moved the blacks to only the poor parts of the city? The Republicans have destroyed Detroit after running the city for over 20 years.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It said so in a documentary and a book that means its a fact, neither of those could be possibly biased. I won't tell you where in either source as would be commonplace in a high school or news story. Why would I ever think you could anchor me with such impossibilities?


This man is black AND he is criticizing Obama--he's the worst kind of racist!!!!!

He's what is called a Hater. If he wants conservatives, let's elect Louis Farakan to office.

Who is he "hating"?

Please reference specific comments in his video.


So you know him?

We can take that comment to mean you are possibly Anti-Semitic.

See, I even cited it.


If you are responding to my post, I'm not anti-anything, except I am allergic to buffoons. I most enjoy screwing with people who are so passionate about their self-centeredness.

Maybe it's you who should seek Anger Management.


Already did 23 years ago. What a relief it is.

Again, I'm not surprised by your post. Does anything relevant penetrate your skull?

What did I do that was so different than yours?

Oh yeah, I was able to cite the actual comment. Thaaaaaaat's what was different.

Follow up: How was your Louis Farakan comment "relevant"? Just trying to figure out why THAT should penetrate my skull.


You immediately assumed when I mentioned Louis Farakan I was refering to his religion and perceived hatred of Jews. Louis Farakan is also a right wing Black Conservative. I made no mention of his religion or anti-semitism. Again we see how your brain functions. Negative, Negative, Negative! It appears it's okay for you to be this way in your mind, but everybody else has to think just like you. The fact is most people don't think like you and I am so happy they don't.

Well you are the one who endorsed him.

And if you note I said " can take that comment to mean" meaning I didn't assume anything. I just stated it as a possibility.

In reality, with that post, I just did EXACTLY what you and purnhrt had done. Now you here you are offended at the implication. I actually don't think this way. What I did was turn the tables on you.

So.... thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For proving my initial point.



I'm not offended by anything you post, my friend. The implication was that I'm anti-semetic. There is a reason that's impossible.

You're anti-semetic IMO, and maybe a schlemiel as well.

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