Tyrone Woods' father

If the name Tyrone Woods doesn't ring a bell, then your major source of news is most likely the 3 mainstream tv networks. Woods disobeyed a "stand-down" order during the Benghazi attack. He is one of the 4 dead that Queen Athaliah claims to be sad about. He saved many lives during that attack. His father has received thank-you e-mails from some of the rescued. Which is why we have a "little" of the truth about this attack. His use of the word "cowards"... I could not agree more. I have also heard Mr. Woods make a plea that someone who was in the situation room where the attack was reportedly being watched in real time - come forward and tell the truth. He said: You may lose your job, but my son lost his life.


p.s. - to pre-empt the 3 little pigs who post here regularly... Apologies to all for the George Clooney girlfriend photo - but try as I did, there was no way to eliminate it from the interview text. No way to separate it or find another website other than foxnews that has this interview.

Dems, in general, who do not want to hear or see the truth about Benghazi - they are all cowards. Tyrone Woods was a true hero, and his father is trying to get the truth out.

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fact check....Tiger woods just won a golf tournament this past weekend.

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