" Mr. & Mrs. America, Turn ‘Em All In.”

Feinstein /Bloomberg will never be statisfied, its just the beginning they want all guns banned.

"Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday told host Candy Crowley that the push for gun bans won’t just be about her alleged “assault weapons.“Will it only be ‘assault weapons’?” she asked. “No,” she declared, answering her own question. “Most likely there will be a package put together.”
” Today, she updated her 1995 60 Minutes interview where she said, “Mr. & Mrs. America, Turn ‘Em All In

NewYork (Bloomberg) not satisfied with current ban now passing a 7 capacity limit for all weapons among other restrictions...

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What is sad is how much our government officials are failing it's people.

Want to prevent a Sandy Hook? Want to keep the intent of the Second and Fourth Amendments as interpreted by SCOTUS?

All we need is one law that states one thing.

Local Law Enforcement Officials are immediately notified of the intent to purchase a firearm by an individual(s) who are denied the purchase due to a psychological finding via the background check. Such a denial will constitute probable cause for an investigation and search of that individual(s) by LE authorities.

Over. Done. No other laws needed. The SH shooter attempted to buy a firearm and was denied. Jared Loughner attempted to buy a firearm and was denied. The CO theater shooter SHOULD have been denied.

This is the gap and the best way to fix it. No bans. No further debate.


already. We do have a problem with enforcement of the laws which now exist. Putting more gun laws on the books is a "feel good" opportunity for those who want to believe that they are really doing something to protect their fellow citizens without really doing anything.

Gun owners have a LOT of responsibilities here. They must first know the proper usage and security of the guns they own. Gun owners must be willing to use a gun if necessary. That's not an easy thing to do. Gun owners must be sure that their guns are secure. Guns are a major item burglars look for in homes. "Hot" guns are portable and easy to sell. Children can get guns which are not secure. Even adult children, who may be unstable, can get guns which are not secure.

The other problem is the way we avoid dealing with those who have mental illnesses in this country. A generation ago, conservatives and liberals got together to severely restrict those who could be classified as needing to be in a mental institution. The conservatives wanted to save money. The liberals were concerned that we were restricting the freedom of people who were not truly a threat to themselves or to others. Consequently, we no longer have enough facilities and staff to give mentally ill people the protection they need from themselves, and give us protection from too many of those who are severely mentally ill. It is estimated that a high percentage of those who are "homeless" are mentally ill.

If my teenage child has severe acne, I'll take him or her to a skin doctor. If my child has asthma, I'll take her or him to a pulmonologist. But, heaven forbid I should take a child who exhibits signs of mental illness to a psychiatrist or a psychologist! Most people with mental illnesses can be treated successfully and live much like the rest of us. Some need to be treated in a separate facility for some length of time. Some need to be in an environment removed from the mainstream for the rest of their lives so that they don't harm or kill themselves and/or others. We'll never bat 1.000 on this, but we must do better!

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