Bob Schieffer tops some on Biden's remarks.

Bob Schieffer host of Face the Nation had a ban gun segment; Gingrich was one of the guests and was answering one of Schieffer's questions about the ban when Schieffer interrupted and said well if Lanza only had access to a bat those kids would have only had a few bumps on their heads. Really,This statement comes from a 40 year political correspondent. This is not the first time Schieffer has showed his bias, I mean you see it in his face; he really needs to just fade off into the sunset if he can’t be balanced with his guests.

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First of all, Schieffer has been "in the bag" for the Dems for years. Prior to BO, he used to try to hide his bias a little. He used to wax eloquent on any and all hypocrisies of Dubya. Oh my, little Bobbie was so morally offended if Bush Jr. didn't cross every "t" and dot every "i", stay consistent and truthful at allllll times. So I actually thought little Bobbie would be somewhat tough on the constant and screamingly obvious lies and hypocrisy of the current prez. Silly me.

Schieffer and the guy on Meet the Depressed (forget his name - they all sound pretty much alike these days) got so ridiculous by the start of the last presidential campaign - that I just stopped watching ANY of the Sunday shows, which I had watched only occasionally anyway. I wonder now what took me so long. I listen to NO liberal talking heads - ever - anymore.

If Bob Schieffer or any of the liberal talking heads cared about children, they would oppose abortion for starters (which they do NOT), and they would have been outraged when the Clintons ordered the massacre of MORE THAN 20 CHILDREN at Waco. They were not only NOT outraged, they have been meek little lambs on either of these 2 topics involving murdered children. Modern day so-called journalists are now actually POSTER CHILDREN for the craziness described in the novel "1984".

Real conservatives (and we are legion, regardless of what you hear on lap-dog tv programs).... real conservatives need to just stop watching these national tv programs. If we ALL stop watching this junk, the sponsors WILL notice, trust me. Just stop watching. I haven't watched many of the evening national "news" programs since the 2012 election. It's a waste of time and just puts your blood pressure up. Best use of our time, politically speaking, is to work at the grass roots level, and talk to other conservatives, and put pressure on conservative law makers.

I get most of my news from talk radio these days. That's how I know that Obama is sending American made fighter jets and other equipment to Morsi, an avowed Islamist radical who wants to destroy Israel, and most likely hates the U.S. as well. Conservative radio informs you -- Diane Sawyer and her ilk black this sort of info out, or simply straight-faced lie about it. I hear (on radio news) that we just closed our embassy in Egypt due to the riots by Egyptians who see Morsi (installed by Hillary and BO) for what he is. But apparently, BO is still sending the jets to Morsi (who will most likely use them to threaten Israel).

See, it's like the nutcases holding top posts in our govt are digging our national grave for us. But little Bobbie Schieffer is not a news person - he is an official lap dog now, and will never actually report the news again. Ignore him. That's what they hate the most - being ignored and/or ridiculed.

Bumps eh? I said it before, most of the victims were small children. He likely could have killed as many with a hatchet.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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