What difference does it make?

Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered questions before committees in both the House and Senate regarding the terrorist attack that killed U.S. Ambassador and heroic SEALs in Libya.

The problem is that Secretary Clinton actually answered nothing in my mind. When asked a pointed question about WHY the administratio n failed to identify that it was a TERRORIST attack?Clinton subsequently lied about it, shouting "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

No one has been held accountable FOR THE DEATHS and no one can explain WHY the American public was deceived for weeks about the cause of the attack. The Obama Administration still has not told the truth about what happened in Benghazi and Secretary Clinton continues to avoid telling the truth and continuing the cover-up about who knew what, who refused to help, and WHY the administration repeatedly lied to the American people.Well some of us know WHY. It makes a difference because of HOW and WHY they died, Secretary Clinton...

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What difference does it make that there were not weapons of mass destruction!

...enumerating all the questions HC did not answer or clear up [as if she was ever going to tell the truth about anything, to begin with]...


The problem with having her come and do a dog and pony show is that the one who should have been there to answer those questions is the guy who outranks her, but who she helped set up Muslim Brother "governments" in Egypt and Libya. Obama needs to be asked point blank - Were you sitting and watching this hours-long attack IN REAL TIME? There is more than credible evidence that he was doing exactly that during the attack. And everybody in both houses of congress KNOW IT. Since that will never happen, the closest congress could get to asking someone supposedly responsible was Hillary. And the only reason, in the end, that she came is that she is still nursing presidential aspirations.

Rand Paul highlighted her lies and overall duplicity. But, as noted in another worldnetdaily article, the mainstream media blacked out his questions about the fact that this installation/office in Libya (or whatever it was in reality) was "running guns" and other weaponry to pro-Islamists, at administration direction.

One other note on foreign policy. I don't care for John Kerry, but he will certainly be an improvement over the wife of the Butcher of Waco, who, along with her husband, is not possessed of a conscience of any kind. And the other guy, the Republican Hagel, I don't actually have a problem with him either - and yes I am familiar with various Republican objections to him . What I DO note here is that Obama, running true to form, has selected these two Vietnam vets, in order to have some more skirts to hide behind. He is trying to insulate himself by putting two vets out in front of himself, in order to distract from the fact that he is an Islamist at heart, and has no love for the state of Israel. I don't think it's going to work, but it will be interesting to watch. Because he is going to eventually ask Hagel, in particular, to do things that go against who Hagel really is. Stay tuned, this should be interesting.

We saw one of best liars in action here. Why would anyone be surprised by a Clinton lying, about anything? It's what Clintons' do. You wouldn't be surprised by a fish swimming, would you?

...way back when she was a law student. I had heard various references to her involvement in an infamous Black Panther trial, and wanted to get some facts on this. You first have to "bing" or google Hillary Rodham (not Clinton). The first article you can ignore - it's a kissy-smoochy whitewash by the much-discredited snopes.

The following has the best hard facts on HR(C)'s involvement. One reason I find this interesting, is that I have read recently that it was Hillary who gave the final "go" order for what can only be termed the Waco massacre. Janet Reno, who was forced to take "full responsibility", had been asking if she (Reno) could possibly NOT do this... take some other action. One only has to remember Waco, and the way the American public was encouraged to not care, and not discuss, that OVER TWENTY CHILDREN were massacred in that building --- to be un-surprised that this same stalinist radical participated in "helping" Black Panther murderers.


Why didn't Hillary use her time in front of the cameras to expose Obama's blackmail! Conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!


Hillary Is exposing Obama now, did you hear her last interview shes getting ready for 2016, Obama will really get exposed now...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I'll bet Obama can never be elected President again!

Why couldn't he have you heard of the 22 Amendment..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

OK! My post above was an example of sarcasm!

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