The Hunger Games and The Obama Inaugaration--they both had:

--Rich ruling-class bureaucrats who feign concern for the plight of their lowly subjects--while dining on lobster and wearing $5,000 outfits

--Wealthy despots who have convinced ignorant citizens that they are the "good rich" while their political opponents are the "bad rich"

--Sycophant announcers who drool over their arrogant rulers without the intellectual awareness that they are being used by the very people they adore

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Remember that in the Hunger Games, the ruling class has taken away all of the weapons from the peons--forcing them to make their own and to hide them. Another comparison to Obama.

My grandmother would have to shape-up Michelle's table manners. She shovels the food in like a sailor and eats with her elbow on the table. Makes me proud!

I saw one brief tv video clip of this, and the eye roll was a non-event IMHO....

but SHOVELING is the exact word that came to mind when I saw her. It was quite revealing to watch this. My grandparents also insisted on impeccable table manners.

So I thought back on all the really terrible insults that have been leveled at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman. "Lipstick on a pig"... by BO himself, and universally considered to be a shot at Palin. The gracious Michelle Bachman being ridiculed on a tv appearance (Jimmy Fallon) by "Lying A-- Bitch" being played by Fallon's band, to introduce her.

So, since this is the standard that the Dems play by, they certainly won't mind us noticing MO "shoveling" her food in. Sailors have better manners than that, by and large. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman definitely do. Besides "shoveling", the other words that sprang (sprung?) to mind when I saw this on tv were: oinkety oink oink oink. (Still pretty mild, is it not, compared to the non-stop filth flung at both Palin and Bachman to this day?)

If I were her, I'd have pulled a Chenney and told Man Tan to go fuck himself. So at least she shows more class than the last bunch that ran the place.

I think you may be forgetting how another tanned (and botoxed) man (Joe Biden) told Obama that Obamacare was a "Big f*#@ing deal"--on national television. Talk about classy!

I finally viewed the video today to see what all the fuss was about. Anyone who describes her eating in this way as improper is a dolt! She was chewing one forkful of food as the video started. Before the video concluded 18 seconds later, she had taken one more forkful of food. She did continue eating while her husband and another diner talked. She didn't stop to give their, obviously strictly social, conversation her full concentration. She did NOT take a large amount of food on each forkful. THIS is described as "shoveling food in?"
The eye roll was accompanied by a sly smile and appeared to be a form of amused reaction to a social conversation-type statement by the guest.

On this topic, I find a rare area of agreement with FG on one part. We tend to nitpick and denigrate high profile women in our society. I was defending Michelle Bachmann to a "liberal" friend of mine yesterday. I stated that, while her service in Congress was not furthering our (his and my) agenda, she was properly reflecting the views and values of the majority of her constituents.

Let Michelle Obama be Michelle Obama. Let Michelle Bachmann be Michelle Bachmann. Let Hillary be Hillary. Let Sarah be Sarah. Let Chelsea be Chelsea, (she turns 35 in 2015). With apologies to the legacy of Martin King: Judge them not by the genitalia with which they were born, but by the content of their character.

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