More crooked michigan democrats

There are three things you can count on--death, taxes, and crooked Michigan Democrats.

The federal public corruption trial of former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kirkpatrick, continues. Among the evidence that has been presented during the trial is a text message sent from co-defendant, Bobby Ferguson, to Kilpatrick complaining about a contractor who wasn't cooperating with their extortion demands. The text message read:

“Walbridge is not playing ball, black man. These white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control.”

The two later extorted $5 million from that "white folk." (Thank god that blacks can't be accused of racism.)

The amount of money extorted from contractors who wanted to do work in Detroit is difficult to fathom. The trial has revealed scenarios where $90,000 was delivered to Kilpatrick--hidden in a vacuum cleaner; and one of Kilpatrick's female fundraisers delivered thousands of extorted dollars that were stuffed into her bra.

And now Federal prosecutors have filed a fraud charge against Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway. The charges relate to a scandal involving the sale of a Detroit-area home and suspicious steps taken to conceal property in Florida. She is a Democrat who was elected in 2008.

I worry about how more slimebag Democrats can be elected in Michigan considering that their major source of campaign financing--corrupt unions--may be losing membership since the state became right-to-work. Now their only reliable constituents will be the entitlement voters.

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Old news. You should be more worried about that tumor growing between your shoulders.

One normally has to go to a bowling alley to encounter comments of that intellectual level.

If you think this is "old news," you may want to contact The Blade (which had the Hathaway story in today's paper) and The Detroit Free Press (which had an article about the Kilpatrick trial in today's paper).

What a buffoon!

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