Another Republican lackey charged with being a crook

Ray Nagin , a supporter of Republican Bobby Jindal and former mayor of New Orleans, charged with bribery, Surprise surprise.
This makes me sick to my stomach

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Hey, Nagin is must be a racist!

Nagin switched to democrat shortly before running for office.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Jindal is of Indian heritage. I think that makes Willard a "double racist."


I'm trying to think like Willard--here we go.

Ray Nagin is a Democrat. Ray Nagin endorsed Obama for president. So--naturally--he is labeled a "Republican lackey." Yep--makes sense.

Regan, I mean Negan is really (like you numb nuts who responded) a closet queer republican. He didn't endorse Obama, he endorsed bobby jingle the repubic injun. Read the article in the link and try to comprehend you jack off's

LOL Ray Nagin is a closet Republican. LOL

Does that mean Gov Cuomo is a secret Libertarian! too funny


Fact Check- Nagin is spelled N-A-G-I-N not Negan as you have spelled it .
2- he was smart to endorse Jindal for governor as the previous Governor was under fire for her handling of Katrina money-By late 2006 and early 2007, Blanco was facing increasingly heated accusations of delays in administering the Road Home Program, a state-run program which Blanco and the Louisiana Recovery Authority had set up following Katrina in order to distribute federal aid money to Katrina victims for damage to their homes. By January 2007, fewer than 250 of an estimated 100,000 applicants had received payments from the program, and many of the payments were apparently based on assessments which grossly undervalued the cost of damage to homes.

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