Obama losing big time on abortion pill mandate

I borrowed the title from this article:


In spite of Roberts' cowardly flip-flopping... that went something like this.

Preliminary Supreme Court vote didn't go BO's way
What's-her-face - oh yeah, Kagan calls up White House [it is speculated]... ooh ooh former boss-eronie... it didn't go your way...
BO then gives brief speech (accompanied by usual crabby face that is supposed to scare everybody into compliance with whatever he wants at any given moment)... AND reminding the Supremes that they are UNELECTED
(the implied threat being that they better not go against him)
4 Supremes ignore him (& presumably privately have a good laugh at his threat)
Roberts caves (maybe they will have a virtual smooch-a-thon at the mess of the union address, who knows)...

In spite of all that -- Courts are STRIKING DOWN bo-care over-reach.

No votes yet

destroys the greatest health care delivery system in the World, kills middle class incomes, drives up unemployment, kills our Freedoms, mandates morons to be accepted at medical /dental/nursing/ schools, and raises 24 new taxes.

All of this FASCISM, was known before, during, and afterwards by a dog eating, coke head, heathen attorney from Chicago.

That's why not one Dim, read it.
And then they all lied about it till NOW !

FASCISM-the Chicago way ....

Now try posting the same information but from a non-conservative site that reaches the same conclusion.

FG, we get pissed at wolfman for doing the exact same thing.

If you're going to post from a political leaning news site that's fine if you can back it with other sources to lend to credibility.

Did you not realize that's what Fred was doing by bashing woflman for posting from democraticunderground?


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