Bain channel cut n paste special: Drug addict Rust Limbaugh causing Clear channel to lose money!

Rust limpdick, the drug addicted over weight leader of the Republican party is costing Bain/
clear channel to lose a lot of money!

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When your link is from nearly a year ago? And Media Matters? Who get their marching orders from the White House (directly or indirectly)? Media Matters... guffaw guffaw...

As to Rush causing Clear Channel to lose money - how 'bout this link...

Clear Channel was deep in debt a few years before poor widdle Sandra Fluke tried to pulled on American heartstrings on behalf of other poor widdle girls who want free birth control (well, not exactly free to taxpayers with morals or religious institutions).

As to Bain - apparently they acquired Clear Channel in 2008 - the year of the big crash when jobs, houses and bank accounts were lost nationwide (in large part due to $4.00 per gallon gasoline - which congress could do something about, but won't). If Clear Channel had not been acquired by anybody, would there even be a Clear Channel in 2013.

As to RL's former addiction to prescription pain killers - how about this. I actually heard this suggestion from a caller into WJR "red eye radio" recently. How about if each and every congress person (both houses) have to pass drug and alcohol tests a couple times a year? Starting with all the liberals - because I don't think Michelle Bachman or Marco Rubio would have a problem there.

So, seriously, don't give me drug addict accusations, unless liberal govt celebs are squeaky clean in that area.

BTW, yes I know my link also complains about RL - BUT, it also tells some of the truth about the radio industry in general. Radio is not a big profit industry, but I'll take it over the cesspool called "television" any day of the week.

Michael Savage is back on radio. I hope WSPD picks his program up sometime soon. As this current presidency proceeds, conservative talk radio is growing, not diminishing. Gee, wonder why that is. Didn't liberal Al Franken try (& fail at) a liberal radio show before squeaking by into his current "job" in the U.S. Senate? [which there is a good chance he will lose in 2014].

tenure, gas above $3.55 for his entire epoch, home vales down 35% still, an American Ambassador is murdered along with 3 others, $21 TRILLION in real American's Net Worth-vaporized in 4 years and a brain dead, twisted pervert is concerned about a radio conglomeration and a multimillionaire business man ?!

You miserable liberals certainly never take your crossed eyes off things that matter, do you !

He missed the barn with that shot !!!

I hear Obozo's upcoming coronation is $10 MILLION in the hole !

The shine is off....

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