It's happening--obamacare is forcing doctors to be more selective with the patients they treat

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew that re-electing Obama would result in assuring that Obamacare would proceed on its course to destroying the American health care system. Instead of citizens being elevated to a higher standard (never a priority for Obama), health care would be degraded to the lowest common denominator.

Obamacare, which is so terrific that Congress exempted itself from it and Obama made sure it wouldn't totally set-in until after the 2012 election, is now hitting home. Over the past two months, family and friends have told me about a local physical therapist, general practitioner, urologist, and podiatrist who have informed their patients that they will no longer be treating people who have government health insurance. This includes Medicare, Medicaid, and the Obamacare exchange.

It was inevitable that Obamacare would drive a bigger wedge between the quality of health care of the government dependents and the privately insured.

Local health care providers who don't accept Obamacare patients are for me--sign me up! I'm not going to risk my health by going to an overworked and underpaid doctor. If I have to pay cash for office visits--that's fine too. I'm being forced to pay for other people's health insurance, but I don't have to be forced to go to the same doctors.

Here's an article about the growing number of doctors who are refusing to accept Medicare patients.

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