GM moving Camero production from Canada to RIGHT TO WORK STATE.

Camaro Move To Michigan Touches Bigger Issues for Canada Auto Manufacturing
Dec. 26, 2012 by Haig Stoddard in Counting Cars

GM sights costs of doing business in Canadian UAW UNION SHOPS, will move the Camero production from Oshawa, Onterio to Lansing, MI

"It should not be all that surprising to the Canadian Auto Workers that General Motors will shift production of the Chevrolet Camaro to its Lansing, MI, plant"

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it was before this news.
Canada-we spend a lot of dough protecting the Canook's, at the Northern Defense Radar Stations, in Alberta,.

And the hoser's didn't lend a hand in Iraq ?
They did rid themselves of their Liberal hand wringers last election as we continued with criminality unseen before in American Political History.

Odd indeed...

Ford to Hire 2,200 Workers, Including 'Significant' Number in Michigan
"Ford Motor Company issued a press release on Friday announcing the company's intention to hire some 2,200 new salaried workers this year. The company claimed that this will mark its largest U.S. hiring spree "in more than 10 years." "

Also in this article
"As the Detroit News noted on Friday, GM had already previously announced that it would be adding up to 1,500 jobs at its Warren Tech Center. That hiring is due to take place gradually over the next four years."

It looks like that adds up to 3,700 SE Michigan NON-UNION jobs being created. It looks like 'Right To Work' is bringing jobs back to MI. and DAMN FAST.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Remember what I posted last month, about maybe it's time to invest in Detroit?

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