Massive Layoffs at Hospices Across America -are being annouced !

Hospices across America, were creamed in cuts as OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare, reduces Medicare payments to those with 6 months or less to live ?!
A cost savings measure from radical's, who never, ever, read one page of this 2,700 page Freedom Killing, Wealth Stealing, 24 New Taxes, and medical school mandates,monstrosity.
Well, when you're buying votes en-masse like SantaObbamma and the Dims , do.
Killing off those incapable of voting at all makes sense to them, I suppose.
After all, synthetic morphine to keep the dying from screaming their guts out, handed out in pill form to serve to your dying family members.
Is cheaper than Hospice Care, by far.

Death Panels ? What Death Panel's, We got no stinkin Death Panel's.

Q: what will cold blooded Dims, do to their family members dying ?
A: Treat them like aborted children or , like caring, loving, Christian's ?
THINK: inheritance.....

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Medicare is socialized medicine. Is this you?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

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fund OweBaMaoscare Healthnitghmare, and this scam is acceptable to the ignorant masses all who vote the D ?!

Typical idiocy from the mooch class.

The answer to the question is:all heathen Dims, will drop their ailing hospice relatives off at a dump sight,in the middle of a dessert, an ocean or sea, or simply cover their screaming faces with a pillow, which be classified by Ovomit-as post life abortions !

Death panels in your own homes ?!
America,stolen by a dog eating coke head heathen and His equally dissolute voters...and these twisted individuals want more of it ?!

Well, you're going to get it good come 2013, in full Fascist Force !


(warning, the following is satire)... I don't think, with gas close to $4 per gallon that Dems would waste the gas to drive as far as the local landfill.

I'm guessing, if they live in a city, that they would possibly prefer to drop the geezers off at Planned Death Hood abortion clinics. The geezers' demises could be termed (in liberal speak) "late term abortions". I don't think they would lop anybody's head off {like they do to the babies). No, I'm thinking the clinic docs might use clubs, like they do for baby seals - well, no wait, liberals LOVE baby seals.

It's a conundrum - but liberals will figure something out. They always do.

It's the same Medicare money Ryan and Republcians wanted to give away as tax breaks to the rich. As a matter of fact, they voted many times over to make the same cut.

Now as the next budget battle heats up over the debt ceiling, Repulbicans are demanding more cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and SS.

Have you seen a decrease in your payroll check yet? Thats if you work, and have you and your friends turned in your guns yet?.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

America haters from Medicare.
The American's With Disability Act-has millions of drunkards, dopers,obese slobs, and fake mental cases getting it, in June this year, 85,000 moochers received it, and 80,000 jobs were created ?!
"The private sector is doing fine"-Ovomit.

A lot of lazy citizens riding on the backs of tax payers,and it is all just to buy votes for power mad job killers ?!

1.25 MILLION jobs lost last month...and the month before, and the month before, and the month before, all the way back to 2/1/2008 !

In unison now-BUUUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHH'S fault !!!

Wait a minute Carrie...are you trying to say that government spending creates jobs in the private sector when it comes to the hospice industry? Be careful, you don't want to start sounding like a liberal.


Then, you could see the absolute STUPIDITY, in your senseless inquiry !

God-why are Liberals so obtuse ?!
Oh, smart folks need opposites heh ?!

That ying-yang, positive-negative thing heh ?

You're the one complaining that the government isn't spending enough of "We The People's" money on hospice, and that layoffs will soon take place.

complete liberal ignoramus .

First-Obozo-your dog eater, coke head , "Chicken In Chief, robbed Peter to pay Paul. Your boy diverted tax dollars from hard working real American's, Medicare they paid into ,to fund OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare.

GET IT, so far MORON !!!!!

Secondly-this theft from one Government boondoggle to fund a Fascist's radical take over of a Great Health care delivery System, was his wicked and sinister agenda to begin with . This is easily provable because it hasn't done one thing it was "promised", to do by the puke you voted for !!

Well, don't answer, I don't know whether you're that vapid or just a biased chumped & duped citizen by a fatherless scumbag who is a beady eyed America hater without one care for anyone but him, his, and fools who do his demands for Him !

A narcissist without comparison except the Devil. ...

I see you have resorted to name calling and insults. It's what a lot of people do when they have nothing of substance to reply with. I feel sorry for you. I hope someday you'll find a way to clear some of the hate out of your mind.

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