Detroit-was built by entrepreneurs like Republican Henry Ford,et al.

Toledo-was built by Republican inventors & entrepreneurs like Michael Owens , et al.
Cleveland-was built by entrepreneur Republican John D. Rockefeller, et al.
Pittsburgh-was built by entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, et al..

So, how did the Demonrat Criminal Party of AmeriKa, unions , and Liberal psychopaths, destroy them all so quickly, thoroughly, and completely ?!

And, what was their reductive agenda for ?

These are not mysterious questions, the answers are well known.
Reversing this destruction, will never, ever, occur though.

Q: As SantaObbamma, hastens America's demise, where will you liberals flee to because we know you epecine sissies hate a fight ?!
Especially, for Freedom and the Rights, God-bestowed even on you heathens.

Cuba or China ?

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Wow Mike Coon, you off your meds again? Of course those people created huge endowments to help the poor, now the companies they left behind are building cities in China and leaving endowments to Glenn Beck...

HAHA Carrie Cunt = Mike Coon

identification quandaries their whole miserable & convoluted lives.

Not wanting to antagonize you deranged psychopaths and not wanting you twerps to color your hair orange and go into a psychotic episode like in Sandy Hook.

I will refer to you as Sandy Izenberg on days you're feeling manly.
And, Bob McCluskey, when you're not.

Now that's funny

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

That is pretty funny from any a guy who has has had so many aliases he’s resorted to using a woman’s name, but then again, if your definition of manly is beating teen age kids with baseball bats, sending threatening letters to old men, intimidating women on the phone and racking up three pages of Lucas county court dockets, you can call me Sandy all day long.

As for “deranged psychopaths” – who has pleaded guilty by reason of insanity in a court of law?
1) Sandy Izenberg
2) Michael Coon
3) Bob McCluskey

Sensor, wolfman would say you're a coward for hiding behind an anonymous moniker (of course he was anonymous until his apology tour outed him) and that Carrie Hunt is at least standing by her name.

Of course you and I know this is asinine, but we are the scared anonymous crowd who troll those brave souls who are outed when threatened with legal action.


and the orange haired deranged crowd-the new weekly jobless claims is 371,000 !!!

Hmmm, times 4 weeks in a month= 1,484,000 JOBS LOST last month !!!!???
The weekly running average is 365,700 jobs lost !
The monthly running average is 1,462,800 jobs lost ?!

SWEET JESUS, in this BOOMING SantaObbamma economy where "the private sector is doing fine "? !

So, 1.484 MILLION jobs lost last month and orange haired weirdos, with spaced out looks on their mugs ,cry babied like screaming Al Roker-AKA -"poopy pants ", spoiled brats when they whined about GW, supposedly losing 800,000 a month ?!

Why the duplicity ?
Well, when a Liberal cannot lie, they go PSYCHO !!!!

So, what can real American's do now ?
Let's all go out and destroy a hot dog vendors stand just for general reasons....or, to protest in DC, this jobs massacre by a dog eating, coke head, heathens actually voted for twice ?!

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