Enright elected to city council


The stupidity continues on Toledo City Council. Shaun Enright with no more qualifications than being a union member gets elected to take the vacant, some would say long vacant, seat of Phil Copeland. Astounding.

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No big surprise here. Einstein's definition of insanity....

Isn't he the guy with the criminal record? At least he's intimately familiar with the criminal justice system.

I was worried that the unions wouldn't have a voice on council...

Little Detroit-the chickens... have come home... to roost !

I always love asking Toledo voters about a new candidate and asking them "How are they qualified" and they respond with "Well their mom/dad/uncle/grandfather is _______."

This is exactly why Toledo is continuing it's downward spiral. Who would want to stay in a Toledo hotel. I am going to write my Maumee City Council and demand they match the Sylvania Hotel tax because we are going to lose out on tax revenue.


Adam Martinez in all his glory while nominating Shaun Enright

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