Sylvania Proposes the highest Hotel/Motel tax--in the country

Wyndham Hotels, parent company of the Wingate hotel in downtown Sylvania, took out a full-page advertisement in the Sylvania Advantage to publicize a recent action by the Sylvania City Council.

The ad points out that when the Toledo Convention Center was created, Lucas County Commissioners gave cities the opportunity to petition the County to retain 3% of the 8% hotel/motel tax that would be used to pay for the Convention Center. Toledo, Oregon and Maumee petitioned the County--Sylvania did not.

When the Wingate was opened, Sylvania did apply to retain the 3%, but was denied. Then, using typical politician "logic," the Sylvania City Council proposed that Wingate customers pay an additional 3% (over-and-above the County occupancy tax, which has now increased to 10%). Opposition to this proposal resulted in Sylvania putting a five-year moratorium on the additional tax. That moratorium has ended; and at the December 2012 meeting, the Sylvania City Council voted to impose the 3% additional tax.

Here are the taxes Wingate customers will be looking at:

10% (County tax) + 3% (Sylvania additional tax) + 6.75% (Sales tax) = 19.75% Total

The ad points out that this would be the highest total tax for a guest room--in the U.S.A.!

Wingate indicates that its employees annually pay $30,000 in Sylvania income tax and the company pays $127,000 in real estate taxes. Sylvania really knows how to treat its businesses!

Wingate is asking Sylvania residents to request to be on the agenda of the City Council meeting on January 7, 7:30 p.m., to voice their opposition to the Council's decision. The phone number is 419-885-8931.

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running everything? Tax and spend. That's all they know how to do!

Of course, they could be like their Republican colleague, Ohio Governor Sick...borrow and spend!

Or they could be like Obama--tax, spend, borrow, and print.

he would! Remember, this "brilliant" economist was one of the brains behind the bankruptcy and collapse of Lehman Brothers, who then was part of the Bush #43 bailout for investment firms which were "too big to fail." Of course, despite Lehman Brothers going into bankruptcy, Governor Sick got a "golden parachute" from them equal to several years of pay for common folks.

Wait! I am such an idiot! It was all the fault of the unions, of course! Business people are never incompetent, or crooked!!

Dale--I'm thinking you must have been a public school teacher because the "logic" you're using in responding to this entry sounds a lot like the malarkey that kids are being fed.

However, the disconnect is impressive.

you stoop to personal attacks. Why am I not surprised? You just can't stand the fact that a city which is dominated by Republicans has instituted the highest hotel-motel tax in the nation. This simply doesn't fit into Galt's neat little ideological box. SORRY!!
Don't blame me. Blame your sainted Republicans!

stay there.
With reports of Welfare SantaObbamma voters using their Welfare Debit Cards, for liquor, strip clubs, dope and everything not needed for ghetto succor !?

This is just another negative result of a Chicago job killing, dog eating, coke head who cannot find one penny to cut from a nearly $4 TRILLION budget !?
God-you dim voters are stupid....

How does suggesting that someone must have been a public school teacher equate to a "personal attack"? Even if the description fits, which none of us would know, how is that an "attack"?

If not, let him argue for himself.

I am proud of my teaching experience. I am not unbiased enough to assess my worth as a teacher. No one other than those whom I taught or those who observed my teaching has a right to label my teaching as either good or bad.

Allow me Dale. I was a student of yours at DeVeaux, and you were bad. Your bias showed in the classroom, trying to indoctrinate young students to your personal beliefs.

You were there.

do away with former prison psychologist Teddy Strickland and the tax / waste / regulate jobs to death Demonrats, $ 8 BILLION State deficit ,then ?!

State employees-lazy, ignorant, thieving, and do more lying in one day than prison inmates do in a year !

Oh, the trips down memory lane. Remember the Strickland sex scandal. You don't? Well, probably because the media swept it under the rug (or locked it in the closet).

Yep, it seems that Stickland's 1998 campaign manager was convicted for exposing himself to minors. Strangely, Strickland went on a trip to Italy with the then 25-year-old male--just the two of them. Hmmm?!

I'm thinking--Strickland went to seminary school, young male--oh nevermind!

Here's an article with more details:

And implying that Ted is gay, too. I guess that labeling someone as gay to harm them politically, if not personally, is still a goal of too many right-wingers.
It all comes back to one thing. If one has legitimate positions on major issues, one puts ideas forward honestly. When one runs out of good ideas, and one still wants to make a point, one use personal attacks.

BTW -- I do admire how you right-wingers have focused attention away from the posted topic.
Just so you remember:

If your 50-something male neighbor went on a trip to Italy, without his wife, with a 25-year-old man (who had been convicted of a sex crime), wouldn't you know what was going on?

You gotta love the Democrats. They're all about gay rights, but when something obvious is going on with one of their politicians--you're trying to harm him politically. Which is it? Gay good? Gay bad?

Forget what the topic of the thread is. Start a new conversation!
Let's just remind everybody. OK?


Carrie -- The State of Ohio, by law, must have a balanced budget every two years. Governor Sick had figures made up to make him look good. In fact, Governor Sick wants to INCREASE overall state indebtedness. To get around statutory state debt limitations for future projects, Governor Sick wants an independent agency to issue Ohio Turnpike revenue bonds over and above the several hundreds of millions of dollars the law would allow the state to issue.
In truth, Governor Sick does not care about Ohio, or Ohio's future one itty-bitty bit. He desperately wants to win re-election in 2014, only so that he has a platform from which to run for President in 2016!! He wants to leave Ohio! I predict, that if Governor Sick loses in 2014, he will move out of Ohio within months, if not only weeks, after he loses.

$8 BILLION DEFICIT GONE, and you crybaby about it ?!

Now, smash your banana up real good so you don't choke on it !
Then, we'll wheel you down to therapy to get your brain cleansed of Liberal fantasies.
After that, NAPPY NAPPY Time .

Where in the World has,Liberal Fantasies worked, anywhere at anytime, in all of World History !

$21 TRILLION of real American's net worth VAPORIZED in 4 short years of totalitarianism-more than any wealth destruction COMBINED in all of World History, and the most dissolute and vapid idiots want 4 more years of it !?

GOD-you Demonrats are bloody, bloody, godawful STUPID !!!

The deficit was conjured up as a political scheme by Governor Sick. Worked on you! You are so partisan and so ideological, you're blinded to the facts.

Remember, the main theme of this thread:

The hotel tax really bothers you.

To be honest I have no problem with state and local taxes, they can be easily changed, much more than federal taxes. With each level closer to the people the easier it is for one person to have an impact on government. I also support local min wage and local taxes on businesses that do not provide healthcare.

Now let's deal with the hotel tax. Could it affect Sylvania negatively? Possibly. But I doubt it will. What will most likely happen is people will still stay there because they don't want to stay in Toledo and Perrysburg/Maumee will be too far away. Let's face it, the hotels in Michigan don't really compete with those in the three communities I listed because the MI communities are still too small.

Now, will less people stay in Sylvania? Most likely no. Most don't look at the hotel tax rate when making reservations. I know I found out the hard way in Palm Springs last year (which I believe is also in the top 5 for hotel taxes as well).

So the people in Sylvania most affect are those who rely upon the hotels for their well being. So probably less than 300 people all told and not all of them are necessarily Sylvania residents. If it does start negatively affecting the area I suspect the Sylvania City Council will overturn the tax, like I said much easier to change.

The rest of the residents of Sylvania now will most likely not be looking at new taxes because of this tax and Sylvania, unless things have changed, had some of the highest taxes in the area. But the problem isn't high taxes... it's what you get for them. So it doesn't offend me this tax. In fact, if I had to bet on which branch of government got more done for their time in session I would bet Sylvania City Council bests any branch of the Federal government.


Unlike so many who post here.
Good job! And your analysis actually makes sense. I hope the rock-hard ideologues don't read it closely, though. They may see you as a turncoat. You're actually endorsing raising ANY taxes?
BTW -- It doesn't bother me at all. Basically, I agree with 90% of your post.

FYI -- The Sylvania City Council postponed the increase in the tax. They'll probably try to slip it through quietly later. I guess they got a little too much heat from the anti-tax ideologues.

Next headline: Tea Party Candidates Challenge Sylvania Council Incumbents

new taxes, radical liberal social engineering mandates at health related schools / colleges, and of course the Death Panels, set up to kill off American's , quicker !

2,700 PAGES of Fascism that not one job killing Demonrat read, and apparently, a unionized indoctrinator of nothingness, doesn't seem to mind at all this middle class income destroyer ?!

My, my, how the zombies in the Demonrat Criminal Party of AmeriKa, focus on priorities like Obozo has focused "laser-like", on job creation !?

I wonder how well Champion Spark Plug, is thriving in China, Mexico, Venezuela, or what ever Third World Toilet they fled to.....laughing at morons too stupid to come in out of the pouring Fascist rain !

The ad points out that this would be the highest total tax for a guest room--in the U.S.A.!

Well, it must be worth it, since that hotel must have the best rooms available in the USA, in the best area of the USA for using a hotel.

Oh, wait....

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