What will Hillary look like after her cosmetic surgery?

So you are being forced to testify about Benghazi and somehow you have to make the lies you told not seem like--well--lies. Your testimony will be viewed by millions of Americans, and you intend on running for President in 2016. You're not so worried about lying again--you and your husband are pros at that--but you look like a woman who's been put through the wringer and your pant suits just don't fit the way they used to.

That's the dilemma that Hillary Clinton was in and she came up with just the right solution--cosmetic surgery. A tuck here, some suction there--and even you can look like a human being--kinda.

Of course, you can't say that you are making some physical "improvements,"--that would seem vain. So you make-up a story about stomach flu and being weak and falling and getting a concussion and....

Tonight it's been announced that Clinton is being treated for a blood clot. That's one of the serious side-effects of any surgery.

It will be interesting to see how Clinton looks once her black eyes and incisions heal--and even more interesting on how the media will cover for Hillary.

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Is this all you have to do all day? Do what Freddy Boo Boo did and get a blow up doll. Maybe Freddy will invite you over and the three of you can have a menage a trois. Don't forget to bring your viagra. What a loser..

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I'm guessing you also fell for "I did not have sex with that woman."

someone a loser ?!
Deranged, demented, disgusting, and typical malignant idiocy from a mooch class voter.

Hey stupid, I hear gas has been above $3.55 for SantaObbamma's entire tenure.
Unemployment has been way above 8+% for the same epoch.
Did an idiot like you hear anything about an Ambassador to Benghazi,Libya and 3 others were murdered and Obozo, went fund raising in Vegas, with other coke heads ?!

A fine, fine, Chicken In Chief, wouldn't you say jackass !?
A Chicago mommy's boy who fled from every fight he was in except, for that fat girl in school he bullied !

God, with such whale dung low standards, even a puke eating bacterial infection like you could be Prez !

a North bound sow...smell and all.

They should be treating Hillary for "Liberal brain". I hear there's a derivative of the chemical castration regime that would work.

lying about the murders of Chris Stephens and 3 others....certainly an Impeachable Offense !

Every single Dim , on the Planet has already forgotten about this story.
Liberal's all have the ability to suspend facts and to swallow lies they are spoon fed by dog eating coke heads from Chicago.

Repeat after me,"the private sector is doing fine".

But do you really think she would be having plastic surgery right now? Most celebs disappear from public view for a while, and then have the surgery and then resurface. She's never been particularly attractive, but what she needs to do now is lose weight. She looks terrible. One tabloid claims she has a brain tumor, and that sounds a little more probable. Brain tumors DO cause you to fall down without warning.

Even my liberals friends have voiced shock recently at her appearance. It's like she stopped caring. As to running for prez in 2016, it's too far in advance to take that seriously as a reality, although some in my own family think she is so desperate for that power, that she delusionally thinks she could possibly win. One family member thinks politics has become so corrupt that she WILL win, that the fix is already in.

What the Dems are doing right now, however, is going after Marco Rubio, because they are afraid the Republicans may actually run an ACTUAL conservative in 2016, and Rubio is far too articulate and far to attractive for any possible Dem candidate to win against him.. And the Dems all know it.

Brain tumor or not, the Lord is giving Hillary an opportunity to repent here... wonder if she will take it.

"The L-rd is giving Hillary an opportunity to repent here..."
SO, if everything that happens is what FG's L-rd wants, I guess Obama repented well since FG's L-rd rewarded Obama with a political victory. Hence, the fix was in! And, it doesn't really matter who the Republicans or the Democrats nominate in 2016, because in FG's world, the L-rd has already mapped that out, too. And the winner for 2016 is? Ask FG's L-rd!

BTW -- Remember...Chelsea turns 35 in 2015! A Clinton can be elected in 2016 not named Hillary! If FG's L-rd wants Chelsea in 2016, whatever we do means nothing anyway. Right, FG?

The Lord will also smite Toledo. Or at least according to Opal Covey.


How arrogant you are. There is only one true God, Dale, so don't even try to pull that "FG's Lord" stuff. Because He is the same God we all answer to, including you.

As to BO - where does one even start? He didn't stop visiting Chicago's gay bath houses until he ran for public office in Illinois. If you see some evidence of repentance, please enlighten us. Following your idiotic logic, I am assuming you are not a fan of Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, so how did THEY get into office? We have free will, granted to mankind by God. Sometimes a majority of U.S. voters, with that free will, make a fair to good choice, sometimes they don't. Don't blame God for the stupidity of low-information voters who want free cell phones.

And the spelling of Lord - you grew up ORTHODOX? I assumed you were not Orthodox because you don't appear to know any Old Testament scripture. Here's my suggestion, start with Isaiah Chapter 9 [don't have my Bible handy, but that should be "Unto us a child is born...wonderful, counselor... Mighty God". Then go to Isaiah 53 "Who hath believed our report.... He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities... (the suffering Messiah).
My understanding is that when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, that among the scriptures included there was Isaiah 53, (proving the date of Isaiah's prophecies)

Best of all, for the purposes of your incorrect assumption that a country's rulers/leaders must have gotten their offices because they are repentant and/or good, read through I & II Kings & I and II Chronicles. King after King is described as follows: Either 1) He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord OR --- 2) He did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord. BTW, King Josiah is named in said Hebrew scriptures as being the greatest king. Read up on his life and acts. THAT''s a usable description of the ultimate good King or leader.

My opinion of the Clintons and BO is, needless to say, that they have done a great deal of evil in the sight of the Lord. Oh, and btw, Queen Athaliah's husband got in twice, because Ross Perot ran interference for him in two presidential elections. Don't blame a Holy God for that. And for those not familiar with the Queen Athaliah of the Bible, she killed all the seed royal to secure her position. She never repented, and she was judged by a Holy God.

I was wondering just how far you were going with inevitability and G-d's will. You might have a problem with Opal Covey on that one, though. As JFK put it, "Here on earth, G-d's work must truly be our own."

As I've made clear in previous posts, I have enjoyed visiting a wide variety of religious churches, temples, and mosques. I respect all who respect me. As Thomas Jefferson stated, "I have never known a difference in politics or religion as a reason to withdraw from a friend."

After our traffic accident, a little over a year ago, my wife and I were told of prayers being said for us in a wide variety of religious institutions, beyond our own temple. The force of those prayers was palpable to me. IMHO they played no small role in our recovery. But that does NOT mean that I don't respect Atheists who respect me as well.
I have sincere, personal beliefs; however, unlike many, I don't claim to have all of the answers to this, "What is life?" thing. My belief is closest to that of Thomas Jefferson, who investigated all of the major religions of his day and found some faults with them all. Jefferson concluded that we would be best to leave the issue as "...undefinable, we should all be of one sect, doers of good, and eschewers of bad."

Dale your problem here is you're arguing with an obvious biblical scholar who has been cited repeatedly by theologicans across the globe. How dare you question her.

Of course... I could be wrong. And you know what the bible says about not forgiving people don't you?.... It's against it.


Talk about Quixotic!

God will smite Ross Perot for interfereing in God's work of elections!

Long live the Judean Popular Front! or... are we the Popular Front of Judea?


She was a shoo in back in '08. I don't think she's that corrupt. I think she learned from her mistakes of '92 and '93 and it even showed in the second term of her husband. In fact, I thought she was a pretty fair senator when you look at her voting record, Schumer her NY colleague was much more of a left-winger than she was which I didn't expect.


The danger to you is that you will probably alienate some of your right-wing friends by implying that ANY Democratic leader is NOT a left-wing kook! Remember, Hillary grew up in a well-to-do, Republican household. She is definitely a moderate! And, IMHO, government governs best which governs from the middle.

I agree. I base my opinion on facts and principles. There are right wingers who disagree but I find most times those people are not realistic in their politics.

She governed as a moderate. Even though I was against her Senate candidacy for a number of reasons I found her as very tolerable and she worked with many Republicans. Schumer, her NY counterpart, was much more left wing and reached across the aisle less.

I hope she gets well. I personally feel if she were the President now she'd display more leadership than we are currently seeing and there would be less of this 11th hour drama that has continually plagued this administration. I most likely would have voted for her over McCain or chose to not vote at all.


Those Democrats who have their panties in a bunch and were screeching about "voter supression" ARE THE SAME ONES WHO THREW OUT THE '08 MICHIGAN PRIMARY VOTES FOR HILLARY.

Obimbo DID NOT WIN the Michigan Primary, Hillary did. But somehow the empty suit commie pinko Golfer-In-Chief got the Primary votes counted for him. Hillary WON Michigan with 34.5% and Barry Sotero only had 29.5%


Hillary Rodham Clinton 328,309 55.2% 34.5
Uncommitted 238,168 40.1 0
Dennis J. Kucinich 21,715 3.7 0
Christopher J. Dodd 3,845 0.6 0
Mike Gravel 2,361 0.4 0
Barack Obama - - 29.5

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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