Is The President More Important Than Millions of Schoolchildren?

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He gets armed protection everywhere he goes, and then says armed guards are not any sort of answer to dealing with criminal/lunatics committing numerous mass murders in our public schools.

Why, can you possibly mean that if new anti-gun laws are passed [which at least one surely will be]... do you mean that all presidents will STILL keep their secret service ARMED protection? You mean that the existence of anti-gun legislation will not eliminate the danger??????

A couple of observations:

First, American liberals, LONG LONG ago stopped pretending any of their politics are based on either logic or a moral code. (Because, of course, they HAVE NO moral code to begin with.) They operate on emotional manipulation and solely emotional manipulation - with the end game being the maximum amount of constitutionally-protected freedoms they can take away from American citizens. (Starting with our littlest, most innocent citizens in the womb.)

For my money, that's why the prez was wiping away "tears" that nobody, even with camera close-ups could even see -- an example of blatant emotional manipulation of the viewing public. To me, that was sickening. Putting one in mind of Bill Clinton at Ron Brown's funeral (BC at the time was laughing and chatting, when he spotted a video camera, and instantly looked sad swiped at his eye). Tears are not mandatory at such times. They are either spontaneous, or not. But to fake them - turned my stomach.

Second point - I am confident that LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS nationwide, that BO does NOT control, will be under great pressure to install armed guards. This should have been a no-brainer years ago - but most certainly after Columbine. It's long overdue - everybody in the country knows it. The sad fact is, however, that the mainstream media is having to be dragged into the SCHOOL SAFETY discussion kicking and screaming. They very obviously DO NOT want to talk about this. Yeah, well, tough bananas for them. It's going to happen.

I read on a site earlier, that 14 of the last 17 shooters are on various sorts of anti-psychotic drugs. Of course the drive-bys don't want to talk about it. The last few shooters have ALL had various mental disorders. Most public schools push ritalin, and God only knows what else, on kids whos' central nervous systems aren't fully developed yet. Instead of learning about personal responsibility, math and science--they learn that Heather has two mommies, Doogie has two daddys, and then practice putting rubbers on various sorts of vegetables in sex education classes. If anyone wants to get a glimpse of what is coming our way, drive around local mental health centers and watch the people stumble in and out the front doors. Every time I watch television, I see at least one commercial about seeing a lawyer, if you have serious side effects(like suicidal thoughts)as a result of taking medication "X", which last year was touted as a breakthrough for everything from paranoia, to diabetes. Folks, we're in BIG trouble.