NBC Commentator doesn't like the "religion part" of Christmas

You know how it goes--you're buying gifts, decorating the tree, drinking eggnog--and then somebody has to go and do it--bring up that whole "religious part" of Christmas. What a downer!

Yep, that's how Nancy Snyderman, NBC's chief medical editor, describes what she dislikes about Christmas. As a member of a recent panel on the Today Show, Snyderman stated that "I don't like the religion part" of Christmas. "I think that's what makes the holidays so stressful." Snyderman would prefer to concentrate on the "green trees."

That pretty much sums up how media such as NBC have attempted to change the culture of the United States. That's the fight we have to continue to wage against an entertainment and news establishment who represent the anti-religious minority in this Country. Even though Obama doesn't want to admit it, the U.S. is a Christian Nation. The majority of people identify themselves as being Christians and the Nation was founded on Christian principles. Snyderman just doesn't want to be bothered with those pesky little facts.

A couple of years ago at my place of employment, a great deal was made of employees putting Christmas decorations on their office doors. Some of the liberal employees felt they were having Christmas "shoved down their throats." Apparently, allowing people who celebrate Christmas the freedom to express this activity didn't fit into the liberal mantra for "inclusiveness." The liberals were told that they also could put items on their doors to indicate their feelings about Christmas (or whatever holiday they might be celebrating). The information they posted made them look like heartless, insipid fools. (NOTE: Everyone of the liberals took advantage of the day off for Christmas.)

What can we do to push back against the politicians and media that are attempting to change the very foundation of this Country? One simple thing is to take back the language. Don't wish people "Happy Holidays"--make a point of saying "Merry Christmas." The fact that we have become hesitant to do that indicates that we have given in to the anti-religion minority.

Here is a link to the video of Snyderman making her ridiculous statements.


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Every liberal, anti-Christian jn all of Liberaldom everywhere, takes the pay for Christian based holidays.

Every liberal, anti-Christian in all of Liberaldom everywhere, takes the pay for Christian based holidays.


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Galt, Too bad someone couldn't edit your brain. Your another Farmgal, answering your own post because you bore everyone. What a loser. LOL

If anyone can provide an explanation to Willard indicating I had answered my own post prior to his 12:39 12/16/2012 post--I would greatly appreciate it.

You do have to admire Willard's ability to not slight any aspect of ignorance.

If your boss says religious displays are fine, they're fine. If your boss says no religious displays, and you don't like it, find another place to work.
When I was in retail business with my father, I loved the Christmas season. People were openly friendlier. We decorated our store for Christmas. We had no problem saying, "Merry Christmas," to our customers. However, if your boss says you must say, "Happy holidays," instead, aren't all employees obligated to do so or find different employment?
Welcome to the union-free environment you love, Galt, where there are no protections even for basic employee beliefs. Employees are paid chattel. You have the freedom to leave that place of employment. But you'd better ask your new prospective boss what (s)he thinks about the Christmas season before you sign on! Owners' choice!

Your ability to look progressively more clueless is impressive.

However, my suggestion to say "Merry Christmas" wasn't specified as a workplace greeting. Instead, when you go to something called a "store," say "Merry Christmas" to the clerk. Indeed, if they've been instructed by their "boss" not to respond in kind, one cannot force them to do so. But the customers can say it.

I do sense an uneasiness among union-loving liberals about people making independent decisions and taking independent actions (like deciding they don't want to pay union dues that go toward political contributions and saying "Merry Christmas"). That whole Constitution thing can sure be a bear!

This on belongs to Mr. Pertcheck. Just leave your lunch money and be on your way. Your chiming in on the whole "war against Christmas" tells us all a bit about yourself; as if we didn't already know. You, like much of the rest of your tribe refuse to acknowledge the diversity of this great nation. We are not all Christian - even those who cheerily greeted customers with a heartfelt Merry Christmas!
Odd input from one who derives a screen name from a devout ATHEIST!

From me and the members of my "tribe," Merry Christmas!

You have a right of free speech. Just for starters, I've never worked in ANY workplace that didn't celebrate Christmas. Nor have I ever encountered any workplace where the bosses would even dream of telling someone not to talk about CHRISTmas, nor even not to talk about Christian or Jewish (religious Jewish, not secular) topics in general. What I did see at one time was either a Sikh or Hindu employee wearing religious headdress to work (Owens-Illinois years ago). And nobody told the eastern religion guy to take the turban off. That's because this IS a CHRISTIAN nation. In many Muslim countries, in contrast, his life would be in danger. But this is a CHRISTIAN NATION - so turban guy is afforded freedom of religion - here - in this CHRISTIAN nation..

Far as I can tell, there is no such thing as forbidding Christians to talk about faith in the workplace (much as Dale wishes it were so). The employer would be sued, and the vast majority of employees would rebel.

As to Snyderman, she's an idiot. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. But a great deal of what she says in her supposed area of expertise - medical - seems like pablum in some cases, and disinformation in others.

Here's what happened at my high school after O'Hair got the "no prayer in schools" deal passed. There was a lot of confusion at the time about what it actually meant (it did/does not mean that you can't pray or carry Bibles in schools as individuals). In our Spanish IV class, our young teacher was defiant. Her classroom was across from the administration office, so she decorated her classroom window as a gift box with bow (blocking out any view of the classroom) and we sang Christmas carols in Spanish, just as all her classes had done the year before. We DID have a Jewish student in that class. Her family owned a local store, and the family were well known. Neither she nor her parents objected. She actually had one of the nicest singing voices. Our school also had what was called "Senior Choir" at Christmas every year - you had to be a female senior to participate. We sang ALL of the Christmas carols at school assemblies. It was a very popular event.

One last point, the problem with secular Jews like Barbara Walters is that they do not even know HEBREW scripture. The scripture in Isaiah actually describing Christ - you know the one, "Wonderful, Counselor.... mighty God" -- religious Jews get that as describing Messiah - secular Jews like Walters do not.

Again, the only reason there is religious freedom in this country is BECAUSE it is a Christian nation. Presidents like Franklin Roosevelt took note of that in the past. We currently have a confused Islamist as prez, who quotes scripture when it benefits him politically. That doesn't change the truth, nor abrogate my rights. To me, Christmas IS a religious holiday - it's the hoopla and unrealistic expectations that bother me. If non-Christians don't like this religious holiday, they should ignore it. And p.s., of course DP's father decorated for Christmas. He would have lost business had he not done so.

As I stated, I have always LOVED Christmas. I sang Christmas songs in my Junior High public school choir, including singing at the church of our choir director.
I NEVER stated that I wanted owners of businesses to not allow employees to celebrate Christmas at work. What I stated was that it was my understanding that IF an employer opposed celebrating Christmas at work, conservatives in general, and GALT specifically, would say to the offended employee, if you can't live with the boss's decision, find another place to work! I NEVER STATED THAT I FAVORED GIVING EMPLOYERS SUCH POWERS!! It is nearly all conservatives who believe that wealth brings with it nearly god-like powers over employees, not I!

I found it refreshing that you supported a co-worker who wore a turban to work. What if that person were a "native born American?" Would you consider voting for that person to be President of the United States?

And, you may not like it, but, as a nation, the United States is religion-neutral. Try rereading that First Amendment, FG!

In my lifetime, I've been to many Jewish temples and synagogues, including the oldest synagogue in the United States, Truro Synagogue in Newport, RI, built in 1763, various Christian churches, the beautiful mosque in Perrysburg Township, a Mormon Temple, the Hindu Temple in Sylvania Township, and Buddhist Temples. All houses of worship are sacred to me. I have stated privately and publicly many times that I never have left a house of worship feeling worse than when I entered. They all move me spiritually!

FG -- You don't know me at all! Sorry that I don't fit conveniently into your stereotype of what you define as a liberal.

all who read it's jive, knows full well that this idiot hasn't EVER read the U.S. Constitution-especially, the First Amendment, indicating quite clearly that Freedom of Religion, was paramount to the Founders.
Not to schoolmarms though, they preach abortion on demand anytime all the time and paid for by tax payers,homosexuality -has to be taught in schools K-12, Rockefeller, Dow, Carnegie, Edison, were all evil men, and that the rich , are not paying their fair share!

This liberal radical indoctrination-is worth a bucket of spit !

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