This is an electronic Christmas card from Ashland University in Ohio. Look to the bottom left for progressive instructions on filling in the Christmas card. At the end, if you have earphones on, the University choir sings:

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I'm not sure readers here will be able to "play" the Christmas card. I just tried, and it tells me I need a "flash player" or something. It would not let me play the card at this site. While 5 minutes ago, I was able to easily play the card from my e-mail, which is where I received it.

An alternative way to access it is to go to the Ashland University home page, and check out the "gallery" of electronic Christmas cards there. This particular 3-card is the one from 2004.

Sorry, don't know why I could play it in my e-mail, but not here. There must be some "safeguard" blocking it.

Scratch above comment.

The card works fine... you just have to carefully follow the "click the snowballs" etc. directions, which I wasn't doing correctly. Oh well....

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