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I hate to take people away from our normal commentary, but if you get a chance, cruise over to Toledo Talk. There is a poster going by the handle "RobRob" that claims to be Robin Horvath of Tony Packo's fame. His post contains some griping, family squabbling, accusations, etc. To me, it is pretty fascinating.

Sorry, Chris, not trying to disrespect you by linking another message board, but if this is truly Robin, I had to share a semi-public meltdown...

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Oh well, where angels fear to tread.

(Thanks for posting the link, btw - haven't read TT for several months, nor been to Packos restaurant for a few years, now.)

This was news to me, that anything in the way of evidence had been "sealed". Unless it's to protect children or, the generally over-used reason of "national security", if it really is for national security.... I don't like things being "sealed" without a really good reason being given to the public.

I do understand the fear of many (including, possibly newspapers, attorneys and judges)of going against a very famous name (helped along by a famous actor). And most of my circle of family and friends sympathized with Robin Horvath. Robin, by the way, was the one who you may not have recognized, but who managed the day-to-day restaurant business as an almost daily presence. Talk to many former Packos employees, and you will hear compliments for Robin and for his late mother -- not so much for TP3.

I did wonder why so little actual information was available to the public during the trial - so "Robrob's" info seems to fill in that blank. And I wish that weren't so, because this is the type of thing that has a kind of half life - in other words, doesn't go away, just because this or that ruling has been made.

Robin Horvath should start his own eatery, even if it starts out as a little hot dog place. He would, in my opinion, have a ready-made customer base.

to apologize, our sites compliment each other and the topic is relevant.

to apologize, our sites compliment each other and the topic is relevant.

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