Great thoughts by another BLACK CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN

This black Christian pastor has some very good insights. Personally, as an evangelical, I gave up on Focus on the Family a long time ago. Many formerly solid Christian organizations are now deep into apostasy. Which is why Pat Robertson, for one, sounds so much like a nut case these days (defending Petraeus etc.)

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Why did it rate it's own thread?

And you call me a troll.

Seriously do we need to start flagging your threads as spam? I would probably overlook it but none of the shit you post is thought provoking in any way. Seriously this is a post on focus on the family and Pat Robertson!!!!

1987 called, they want their opinion columns back.

What's your next thread going to be? New Coke - Why'd they ever mess with the formula?


as I've said in the past.... bleah-bitty bleah-bitty bleah bleah bleah, goober

Ironically this post of yours was as though provoking as the original.


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