gotta love nbc--costas lectures about gun ownership during NFL game

NBC just doesn't quit. One would think that watching Sunday night football wouldn't expose you to the liberal ignorance of that network, but only moments ago Bob Costas lectured viewers during halftime of the Eagles/Cowboys game about the horrors of gun ownership.

Never one to miss an opportunity to share his liberal agenda, referring to a Chiefs player who killed his girlfriend and then shot himself, Costas quoted an article by another anti-Constitution writer who said "our current gun culture insures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy...." Costas continued that if the Chiefs player hadn't possessed a gun, he and his girlfriend would be alive today.

How's that "gun culture" going in your neighborhood? Within your family and friends? Yet another example of how 1) liberals assume that the stupidity of some is the norm for all and 2) that everyone has stooped to the lowest common denominator of human behavor.

Are we to believe that in his fit of rage this man would not have strangled, stabbed, burned, or beaten this woman to death if he didn't have a gun? He was a drunk and pill abuser.

The reality is that if the girlfriend had owned a gun, at least she would have had a chance to be alive today.

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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

I have never had beagle so wonderfully prepared.

Can I get the recipe for Michelle ?

Even though he's wealthy enough to not need to work in any sense of the term, Romney could just go back to the Bain Capital play, since Democratic policies are making it easier than ever to find a distressed company, buy it out cheaply, then profit hugely from downsizing it.

Re-marketing the leaner company to shareholders might be more difficult, though. Americans are tapped out... again, from Democratic policies.

As for what Romney is doing now, google shows he's doing the "reflect and spend time with his family" thing. And why not? He's rich and can do that. Sadly, many working Americans signed up for so much debt, they can't even get a moment of time to reflect on anything, since they have to work work work to pay off those debts. And who's fault is that?

Merry Xmas
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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

As a Kenyan Royal Family Member, I find that gazelle, is preferable over rhino.
When I was an Indonesian Royal Family Member, I loathed ill cooked schnauzer !

Do you suppose Romney answered, "Yes, busy making sure my money is sheltered from the coming tax disaster you are going to impose on the country."

We all need to take heed to that. If you're planning on taking any capital gains--now's the time to do it. Keep your money away from the entitlement crowd. Live and prosper!

I've heard that Obama sucked, this is the first time I've seen an actual photograph.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

SantaObbamma-needs to fund the "insurance exchanges", that States were supposed to set up for this Totalitarian Nightmare.
So, a 3.5% tax on insurance companies should do nicely.

Add one more tax to the 22 already in OweBaMaoscare Healthnightmare , totaling 23 NEW TAXES come 1/1/2013 !!!!

And, the most stupid, vapid, insolent idiots voted for this job killing nightmare to continue !?

Oh yeah baby after all, its done soooooo well for Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Toledo, and every city in AmeriKa, ruined by one party Liberal Dims.

Liberals will always try to take our guns away. They are always our enemy, and we must remain eternally vigilant against them.

The good thing about the coming social collapse is that more and more Liberals will lose their cushy jobs, and even be forced to move back into the cities, where it's cheap to live, requires less commuting, and you can still find some jobs. The point there is that Liberals will finally have to deal with the personal consequences of the violence that is now an epidemic in our cities. So more and more Liberals will have to see that being armed is pretty much required.

In other words, the Liberals living in Perrysburg and working in some cushy office job, will stop living the lie that such a safe lifestyle is the standard for the rest of America.

One way we can assist liberals in losing cushy jobs is stop sending so many of our children to college where they will accumulate debt and graduate without a marketable skill. Encourage high schoolers to become things that can't be outsourced like plumbers, HVAC repairmen, hair stylists, truck drivers, etc.

This will help send the liberal college professors off to find a new career and demonstrate to them that philosophy and gender studies are worthless.

I've known college instructors and professors and seldom if ever did I see any of them understand the Second Amendment, Ohio's own constitutional nod and expansion of that law, and overall the need to enact self defense. None of them ever had to deal with bad social situations, but the amusing thing (well, darkly amusing) is that if there was a school shooting, they'd be totally at the mercy of the shooter. After all, none of them were armed, and all of them supported this horseshit idea of banning firearms on campuses.

Firearm bans can happen in private schools, since as ever private property has that ability, but there's no basis in the law to ban them at public universities and colleges. We're still laboring under Liberal perversities.

At any rate, putting an end to these Liberal so-called careers is a good start. When more and more of these twits have to do real work in the real world, they'll see the need to keep and bear arms. Plumbers, repairmen and truck drivers aren't very Liberal; exposure to reality tends to fix Liberal thinking.

"Encourage high schoolers to become things that can't be outsourced like plumbers, HVAC repairmen, hair stylists, truck drivers, etc."

All of those professions can be and are outsourced on a regular basis.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

When was the last time you called China to make an appointment for a haircut? Get your furnace repaired? Get your drain unplugged?

Your willingness to openly expose your intellectual shortcomings is refreshing.

There's a big difference between the two terms.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Apparently you don't understand the terms.

Offshoring is you move your trucking business/HVAC/barbershop to china. Outsourcing is where you hire an outside person to do work you currently perform.

Massive truckers/stylists/AC mechs are not losing their jobs en masse to Mexicans, nor are shipping/barbershops/HVAC companies sending their jobs there.

The only way I can see where a job can be outsourced from those Galt gave would be the shipping industry. They can outsource their billing, scheduling, and accounting but they cannot send truckers overseas to do the job nor would they hire a company to do their driving for them.

But the whole of your previous statement was incorrect. Those jobs are not outsourced "on a regular basis".


If Chris Benoit had not possessed dumbbells his wife and child would still be alive today.


“If you have daughters, you should [have a gun],” said defensive lineman Shaun Smith. That's a quote from one of the Chiefs.

Does that sound like something your family adheres to? Again, the "gun culture" is only a part of some communities. For the rest of us, gun ownership does not result in family deaths.

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