In addition to the info in this link - as we all now know, Morsi Monster has granted himself dictator powers - at the same time as he holds out both hands for billions in American taxpayer dollars. And Mubarak is in jail for - what again?


Now there are really only 2 choices here - either BO and Queen Athaliah knew [as any idiot would] that this was the predictable result of setting up Muslim Brotherhood governments in the Middle East -- OR -- they both really are too stupid to hold any government office, including dog catcher (if the case is that they did not forsee that their arrogant actions, unblessed by the American public, would cause the Middle East to explode, and Christians to be targeted for death).

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out with the old dictator, In with the new dictator.

America, is so weakened by one worthless & feckless "President", I'm surprised we haven't been attacked by China, Russia, or Venezuela !

Though realistically, all three of those countries are Third World Toilets, who couldn't afford more than a three day war with us.

That is if Obozo, doesn't surrender first !!

And this one dates back almost 3 months. This theft of U.S. taxpayer dollars is crazy to begin with, and unconstitutional to say the least.


What really tells me how nuts obamabots are, is this. Liberals including the rich and famous, down to the lower and working classes, are completely SILENT about BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars going to evil monsters like Morsi. Where are the supposedly "compassionate" liberals who supposedly care about the hungry children in this country? Where ARE these wonderful, caring liberals now? If it were George Bush Jr. setting up Muslim Brotherhood governments, and paying their way, while children in this country go without - liberals would be screaming bloody murder.

One needs no further proof that liberals as a group are crazy loons.

Here is real pure evil. Anyone got a banana? Bonzo would of been insulted if he seen this!
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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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