Walmart sells a lot of products

But it doesn't look like they stock dignity.

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Godless heathens tend to run together, vote together, mooch off of tax paying citizens together, and God willing, end up in perdition together !

It seems like it would be better to attend a Detroit home game than go to Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Full disclosure, I have never done either of those.

Doesn't look like that protest turned a lot away.


I fully support paying Walmart employees living wages and benefits. Minimum wage is nowhere near enough to put up with these animals.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

So that's what Obama voters do on the day after Thanksgiving.

Looking at this crowd was much more like looking at delegates on the floor of the Republican Convention than those at the Democratic Convention. My guess is that most of these folks, shopping in this virulently anti-union store, voted for Willard, not Barry!

Sure sure. I thought deducing who someone voted for based upon their skin color is racist? LOL I guess not then.


I only observed that the rioting crowd looked more like the Republican delegates than like the Democratic delegates this past summer. You are the one referring to "skin color", not I.

There were a LOT more anti-union people at the Republican Convention than at the Democratic Convention. You would have felt right at home there!

This video clearly shows that Black people aren't the only ones who flash mob.

Yes how insightful you are.

Question: how does this qualify as a flash mob? Doesn't seem like adverts for multiple weeks could qualify as a "flash".

Follow on: Should we rename snails flash bugs?


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