Concentrate on Benghazi

The real truth is that rank and file Republicans - real conservatives - couldn't care less if the wealthy (making over $250,000) have to go back to pre-bush tax rates. WE DON'T CARE. McConnell & Boehner care only because 1) They are RINOS to begin with & 2) they are trying to please wealthy campaign donors - not us, the little people, who are the bulk of the Republican Party.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi - this is the only way to neutralize the liar in chief. He is hiding the truth about Benghazi (along with just about everything else affecting U.S. citizens).

Surely the various Tea Party and other conservative Republicans Reps in congress know better than to follow Boehner on this. Seriously - TWO MORE YEARS OF PRETENDING THE RICH CAN'T PAY MORE IN TAXES????? SERIOUSLY? The Republican House of Reps is going to throw the 2016 elections away that quickly and easily?? Seriously? Well, BO is counting on exactly that. Get the "taxes on the rich" OFF THE TABLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Cave on this? YES CAVE ON THIS LITTLE UN-IMPORTANT POINT - and hold this faker's feet to the fire on Benghazi.

Because, if the House conservatives fail to get a graip and truly understand this - I believe the House WILL revert to the Dems in 2016.

There was a really great "Independent Lens" PBS program on tv in the past week. It didn't really go after Republicans, per se. It also spent time on outing DemocRAT Chuckie Wuckie Schumer and his protection of the bankers (read REALLY WEALTHY campaign donors to his coffers, there). But it did finally explain to me who backs Paul Ryan, and why. (I have been a non-fan of Ryan all along, and think Romney was TOLD this was who the VP nominee would be.) The Koch Bros back Ryan - they are LIBERTARIANS, not Republicans - and not, as far as I can tell, conservatives. They are USING the Tea Party and conservatvies in general, but are NOT conservatvies themselves. One political pundit [on the Independent Lens program] said something to this effect about Ryan - "Conservatives throughout the ages have NEVER talked like Paul Ryan."

I almost stood up and cheered out loud. THANK YOU pundit whoever you were. Conservatives DO NOT agree with Ryan. They do NOT want Social Security tampered with in ways that hurt seniors. I have heard conservatives at town hall meetings get up and SCREAM this to Republican reps. I've been wondering the last couple years, where did this wet-behind-the-ears kid come from? He does NOT know what he is talking about. Here's why the press sort of loves him - because they can then frame conservativism in terms of what Ryan says or thinks. He knows NOTHING about anything. I wasn't willing to beat up on him during the election cycle, because Obama is so much worse in every way.... But Ryan's goofball ideas are not what rank-and-file Republican voters out here in the hinterlands think.

Back to Benghazi and taxes - REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN - THE RICH CAN AFFORD A LITTLE MORE IN TAXES. Get over it, and let it go through.
And do it soon, so that you can nail BO on Benghazi. You heard him - he WANTS you to come after him - instead of Susie Q Rice, behind whose skirts he was previously hiding. Give him what he wants.

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Where is Willard when you need him? CM, can't you let Willard post just to reply to this looney tune above?

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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