Wow! I thought Obama had your backs.....

Well! well! Isn't it amazing this didn't come out until after the election. All you food stamp
recipients that really need this help, your getting your stamps cut by $50.00 in Jan. Thought Obama had your back. This is just the start of your cuts, Obama, Obama, Obama...

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Next thing you know that poor woman in Cleveland won't have her "Obama fo" anymore.

My charity dollars are no longer going to organizations that serve people who turn around and thumb their noses at those of us who are FORCED to buy their food, housing, and phones through our tax dollars. I'm going to let Obama figure out how to keep these people from starving and freezing since they're the reason he was re-elected.

Obama does have our backs. That's where the knife goes in.

I told you all, that the politicians arrive here every 2 years, particularly every 4 years, to tell (lie to) us that we're still remembered in DC (for our 20, now 18 electoral votes). Then the election passes and we don't see anyone like that again for another 2 or 4 years.

Most Obama voters will be worse off by the 2016 elections. That was already baked into the cake.

What's really silly about all this is that the 2012 Obama voters are worse off than they were when they voted for Obama in 2008. Yet the election map shows that only two states in 2012 swung over to the right from that, Indiana and Virginia or something like that. Otherwise the electoral map is essentially the same (except for the Census-adjusted totals in each state, which is why Ohio lost 2 electoral votes). That implies that too much of America thought it could "stay the course".

To be fair, it's not like Romney was the vote catcher. He gathered 3 million fewer votes than McCain did. Even worse, over 4 years there should have been 1 million more voters on each side, so it's really a 4 million vote deficit for the Republicans. I never found Romney to be inspiring, and I certainly didn't vote for such a ridiculous candidate. (The same logic applies to Obama.)


The hand that helps them is the hand that will hold them down. Will Obama abandon them now that he doesn't need- em, why not, what will be the excuse in 2016.. The 3rd party needs to start now....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I don't know about our backs, but maybe Barrack took one out on your mothers back:)

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