After billions of dollars in political advertising, we ended up on November 7 in the same situation we were in on November 6--Obama as president, the Democrats in charge of the Senate, and the Republicans in charge of the House.

Here's the reality--there is no way that the Democrats won't get a large majority of the Black vote in presidential elections. They have Blacks snookered into thinking that Republicans would bring back slavery, stop all welfare, etc. The Black community's either unwillingness or inablity to see through this isn't going to change.

Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Party Members/Libertarians need to focus on what they can control. Here are a few things we can control:

1.Purchasing non-union products and services. Unions have brought/bought us 4 more years of Obama. Everytime you patronize a unionized company, you're putting money into the campaign coffers of liberal politicians. Just by doing a little research, you can buy products and services from non-union companies.

If you buy a new car, buy a non-UAW auto. You can buy an American-made Honda or Toyota. They put non-union Americans to work.

This Christmas, use FedEx instead of unionized UPS to send your packages. Send cards by email instead of the public union U.S. Postal Service.

Stop shopping at unionized Krogers and go to Andersons or Sautter's.

(If you have other non-union shopping ideas, please respond in the "Comment" section of this blog.)

2.Hiring non-union workers. When you hire an electrician, plumber, or carpenter to do work at your home or business, check to be sure they're non-union. The "union members are more skilled and experienced" statement is malarkey. Again, why should we support people who don't support us?

3.Limiting (or eliminating) watching ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN--and their affiliates. Along with the unions, the other entity that has given us more of Obama is the media. In the next 6 months, make an effort to cut the number of hours of television you watch by 50 percent.

4.Contributing to charities whose beneficiaries didn't give us more of Obama. Homeless shelters and food banks assist groups of people who went to the polls and voted for Obama. I won't be contributing to those organizations any longer. Why should I donate to people who won't in turn have the compassion or appreciation not to slap me in the face by voting for someone who is going to forcibly take money from me to give to them. I'd be a fool to continue to support those groups.

Elections should have consequences for the winners and losers.

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The problem is, Republicans don’t’ live in a world of facts, math or consequences.

First thing, not all African Americans are on welfare and the fact that you are talking like they are, is exactly why they don’t vote Republican. Which was at one point a key Republican strategy…

Please educate yourself with the Republican Southern Strategy.

Please stop pretending that unions and corporations are somehow equal. The SEIU brings in around $318 million per year; Exxon Mobile makes $100 million per day in profit.

You’re going to stop giving food to food banks because poor people often vote for Democrats? You are a petty piece of asshole…

Don't feel the need to defend my statements because I don't care what you think of me or my actions.

Tee hee! This is exhilarating!

The idiots who voted for Obozo, are the ones most hurt & punished by his horrid reign.

Black, Mexicans, single women,of every age group are the ones who have had tier unemployment rates go up higher and faster than those voting the R.
They are obviously the same categories of vapid voters who have seen their poverty rates skyrocket a, along with thier Food Stamp usage.

If getting to the point of havinf the nice things that real American's , work hard for.

You obtuse Dim voters aren't going to have a better education, better home, better cars, boats and etc., by voting STUPID !!!!

I've already planned on #3. I've had to cut back on most television in viewing the past couple years, anyway, because it has become so filthy and horrifying ("Criminal Minds" for instance - how people watch that awfulness is beyond me.) I watch Beverly Hillbilly & Green Acres re-runs & some game shows & cooking shows. Most of the rest is junk.

But due to the national election, I did watch, in disgust, the network news. I muted and changed channels a lot, even then, because I was always looking for Romney's speeches or whatever, and what the networks did was broadcast long long segments of BO talking, and very little of any of Romney's appearances or speeches. I listen to NO BO at any time.

So now the election is over, and other than a little of the post-election stuff - like Diane Sawyer and others whining that the republicans MUST obey Obama [because with a little over 50% of the vote liberals are pretending he has a "mandate"], I am pretty much done watching ANY network news for foreseeable future. Back around 1970, when it had become apparent that Nixon (like Obama in 2009 through to now) had no intention of ending the Vietnam war.... I couldn't watch anymore. My age group of young men were being drafted in droves, and sent a continent and ocean away to die for nothing. Same as iraq and Afghanistan. It was PEACEFUL not watching the national news, and I plan to do that again for the next 2 years minimum.

But I'm going to go a little further, and note in the next few days who the sponsors of these news programs are. And I'm going to boycott them. Seriously.

Your list is pretty good. I can't do no. 4, for various reasons. And I think many who go to the missions, have hit rock bottom, and don't vote anyway.

This may cheer you up a little. Mark Levin's syndicated program is on WJR radio (AM 760, late night), and a day or so after the election, he had a really great caller. A gal from Detroit called in and started by saying that she wanted to identify herself for listeners. She said she was a LIBERAL black woman, and that she had voted for Romney. She thought he was by far the better candidate for prez. She went on to say that she has a male CONSERVATIVE friend, who did not vote, and who she tried to convince to get out and vote. He had told her that he wanted to "punish the Republicans" by staying home. I also heard a Mexican American call another talk radio show to say that he voted for Romney - apparently on social issues, which he said were important to him, and what he votes on.

So there you have it. Yes most Mexican American and black voters went for Obama in this election. And they now have 4 years to find out what that is going to cost them and the U.S. economy. But there ARE thinking people of all backgrounds out there. The problem being that the national media broadcasts their agenda - not the truth. THAT is NOT going to change. So we don't have to listen to them anymore.

I can get any basic, important news from talk radio. Just today on Limbaugh, it comes out that the Petraeus scandal is NOT just narrowly about an affair and e-mail harrassment. Apparently it has some ties to Benghazi-gate. This isn't going to be good for BO, so stay tuned - just not to the networks..

Limbaugh also said that Obama is was going to get crushed by Romney. You really need to change your news sources... or better yet, keep on believing and losing.

Listening to actual American citizens on talk radio [which is why I listen - for the callers, who tend to speak UNFILTERED TRUTH] -- is a far better source of info than the twinkies who read teleprompters on morning shows or the national evening lies.

But keep listening to Norah O'Donnell, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters - every SINGLE day - because liberal brainwashing tends to wear off if you skip a few days and/or (horror of horrors) do a little actual internet research on your (horror of horrs) own.

Detroit=100% D ruled and ruined -so, vote the D ?!
Chicago=100% D ruled and ruined so, vote the D ?

America, 100% ruled and ruined by the Dims , so keep voting that way ?!

Counter intuitive advise from the welfare mentality mooch crowd isn't anything constructive or, something to listen to.

Obammy won because 3 million R's, stayed home due to Mitt, not being the "perfect" candidate ?!
As noses are cut off to spite faces !!

America, is soon going to find out what Greece, already knows.
To bad Obozo, hasn't the brains to figure it all out.

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