It's great to be black...

Have you ever seen two black people pass in a hallway and give each other a nod? I asked a black co-worker about this phenomenon and he told me I wouldn't understand because it's a "black thing." So, in other words, skin color is the trump card for determining how you act toward someone.

Well, Obama would not have been re-elected had he not been black. Someone with such a pathetic record would have lost in a landslide had he been white. But, Obama knew that all he had to do was put out an APB to blacks and they would show up in large numbers (it also helps to provide pizza and donuts to keep people waiting in line as Obama's lackeys did in Dade County Florida). They vote for Obama because he's black.

Over the next four years, I think we should defy being called "racists" in order to tell the truth about groups of people. "Reality" is the code word for 2012-16. Tell it like it is and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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Why should the blacks do any differently? The majority of the folks who voted for Willard did so because of their blind hatred for the President's skin color. President Obama won. Get used to the fact.

Your comment brings up an interesting point. The race card has been played so often since Obama came into office that it no longer means anything. Yet, I can understand why you continue to play that card because it's impossible to defend Obama based on his record.

I am tired of minorities being given special considerations for everything from college entrance requirements to job opportunities. If they are stupid enough to re-elect a man who has created a 14% unemployment rate for them, then let them wallow in the disaster that is an Obama administration.

You keep saying Obama and his terrible record. Any Economist with half a brain will tell you that it will take at least TEN YEARS for anyone to dig this country out of the mess that Bush left it in. When Bush came into office he had a balanced budget and everything was manageable That is what Clinton left Bush. Looked what Bush left Obama. You teabaggers
act as though the bush presidency never happened. That is why you didn't have any of the Bush boys at the RNC. Pretend all you want.
As far as being black goes, everyone knows that blacks are better than whites at everything, why would be president be any different? Get over it.

Yes Willard where were the Bushes in Romney's candidacy? Look Obama brought in Clinton to show his successes but the RNC hid the former president Bush so no one would be reminded of who really ruined our economy. George Bush had nothing to offer the Republican party but bad jokes of his incompetence, of deregulation leading to the banking crisis and running up our national debt by our bloated expensive military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan looking for 100 Al Qaeda. No George Bush ruined our economy and Romney's economy look very similar to what Bush had done.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

ever post on the web !

After W.W. II-it only took Germany-6 years to get back into being the economic powerhouse they've always been !

Your T.P.S. G.E.D.- is showing !!!

People from European Roots received preferential treatment for centuries. Most of the wealth they acquired was and is from the unfair labor practices against Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans and Asians. Maybe this attitude of White Supremacy and White Entitlement in this country needs to end so we as a country can move forward. God Bless America, the land where everyone is supposed to be equal, not, some people are more equal than others.

People from European roots took their preferential treatment and made themselves into something. Slaves have been freed for more than 150 years. How much longer do we need to give blacks special treatment before they sow some semblance of success as a culture?

When the playing field is level minorities and other disenfranchised people usually do extremely well. You ask how long? The playing field needs to be level. Stop changing the rules every time members of these groups complies with the existing rules.Example: Two engineers apply for a job at the same organization. Both have very similar credentials. The engineer from Euro decent is hired as a structural design engineer. The minority engineer , who was the Euro-engineer's tutor in college, is offered a job as a grave digger.

Maybe you could prove your point more effectively by giving a real example. Here's one.

I work at a state institution. Here's a summary of a recent on search we conducted:

1. Advertised for resumes
2. Received and reviewed resumes. (Applicants were asked to voluntarily supply gender and race info)
3. Chose candidates to be interviewed
4. HR indicates there is no minority in the group of selected interviewees
5. Hiring committee is given a list of applicants (minorities) and instructed to select one of those applicants to add to the interview pool
6. Minority is added to interview pool for the sole purpose of interviewing one token minority

How is this fair?

Hi Galt. It isn't fair. You answered your own question in #3 above.
"3. Chose candidates to be interviewed"
Who chose the candidates to be interviewed in the first place? Were they racist and scared of black people like yourself?

People of Euro decent get chosen for interviews all the time. Since one minority candidate gets chosen out of ten, you've got a lot of gall thinking that's unfair.

Isn't it amazing how anything is said that highlights how disenfranchised people are treated unfairly it's labeled as something made up. Your statement proves my point.

"Maybe you could prove your point more effectively by giving a Real Example."

People who want Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Women, etc. to be an underclass make statements and arrive at conclusions like this all the time. These people are known as bigots.

I've noticed Blacks nod at everyone they pass in the hallway. Maybe some people aren't paying attention.

sucked out all capitol available for lending !to businesses that do all the real jobs creation in America.
Only the most stupid economic ignoramus doesn't comprehend that !
Coming from a TPS GED, moron, who votes for these economic nightmares to continue makes sense to me.

No wonder Toledo, is in the toilet and has to ask tax payers to fund their waste with 7 levies at a time, when 67,000 former job holders used to be here !

Romney lost, Obama won. Time to move on now. The horse is dead no sense in beating it. Without massive government spending, which never works, Obama will continue to flounder. Look at what he inherited from the guy who held office the last four years.....high unemployment, huge deficits, failing infrastructure, foreign policy embarasments, the fiscal cliff, and a huge bill for healthcare costs and student loans.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

LOL, look they're already building the excuses for 0bama's continued failure. By saying "it will take TEN YEAR....blah blah" they ensure that even when things are further in the shitter in 0bama's 7th, or 8th's still Bush's fault.

You're as gutless as your socialist leader.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

(whom I cannot stand) ... opined last evening that this "over the cliff" thing IS going to happen. For once, I agree with this otherwise idiot.

Republicans in the House have absolutely NO incentive or reason to "come together" " compromise" or otherwise help BO. He needs to be held accountable for his own bad policies and looming disasters. If he's so smart, then he can do what he wants without any Republican help [oh yeah, I forgot, he needs to get past the Tea Party, which isn't going to happen]. First thing you see on tv after the election is Diane Sawyer hauling in Boehner to, in effect, threaten him if he doesn't roll over and obey Obama. Boehner - why I thought he was going to actually roll over and let DS tickle his little tummy. Good boy... good boy - Diane will wuv you if you obey.

If I understand correctly, these BUSH tax cuts, which the Dems have learned to love, are either partly or entirely cuts to Social Security contributions. I say let them expire. We need that money going into SS. I mean, didn't Reagan RAISE the contribution level, so that Social Security was sustainable? Round ab out 1986 or so? It won't lead to recessions because WE ARE ALREADY IN THE SAME RECESSION THAT BEGAN TOWARD THE END OF CLINTON'S 2ND TERM. For ordinary working Americans, that recession never went away.

The Tea Party should at the very least stand firm on this. Let's go "over the cliff". It won't be the disaster predicted - BUT it will showcase the failure of BO's policies. Obama is an emotional basket case, who sees everything through a lens of racial and economic hatred - and seeks to punish everyone he can who disagrees with him.

His policies have been a disaster. He is conniving, dishonest in the extreme - and now lets a video of himself crying be released - apparently so that we will all go - awwww isn't that sweet. Phony baloney crybaby in my estimation. He has not earned any cooperation from Republicans - let him sink on his own, and OWN the results of his policies. There is no other way to expose his dishonesty and ineptitude.

I thought that the outcome of my life was due to the choices I made. Silly me.

I now realize how silly I have been. Mommy Gubberment is there to save my white ass when I screw up. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN POOR DECISIONS ANY LONGER.

If I sign a loan for a house I can't afford, IT'S YOUR FAULT AND I DEMAND YOU PAY FOR MY SCREW UP.

If I show up at a my doctor with high blood pressure because of all the Big Macs I ate, IT'S YOUR FAULT AND I DEMAND YOU PAY FOR MY SCREW UP.


I want more money. You can take it from the other special interest groups for all I care, but I want more money to spend. I want , I want, I want. Put a HUGE TAX ON UNION DUES. I don't have the perks they have and I want, I want, I want them. UNION DUES TAXES CAN PAY FOR MY UNEMPLOYMENT.

And to hell with you. I am now voting for ME only and if that means you get shafted, Oh Well. Get used to it.

Want to get elected, SHOW ME THE MONEY and I'll vote for you.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Hi fellows . Say what you want , ignore , pretend , hide whatever or however you do it,
but the PROOF that The Bush presidency sunk this country is the simple fact that none of those losers were mentioned at the RNC . Mitt and his crew along with the teabaggers
Knew this FACT also. simple as that. If Obama was white, he would of destroyed Mitt.
All the rednecks and religious nuts are scared of blacks. Simple as that. Moving on is great, but if you ignore the truth, you'll be unhappy and mired in your insecure self loathing.
God bless you all and God bless America!

Actually, I'm not "scared of" Obama because he's black, but because he is an empty suit Socialist.

Actually, I'm not "scared of" Obama because he's black, but because he is an empty suit Socialist.

Actually, I'm not "scared of" Obama because he's black, but because he is an empty suit Socialist.

GW-had 59 straight months of positive jobs growth after 9 / 11 !!
GW-had 58 straight months of positive jobs growth. after 9 /11.Home values were the highest in American History.
Net worth's of real American's, were the highest in recorded American History.
A Dow Jones at 15,500.
Unemployment at 4.5%.
Inflation very low.
Gas prices low.
Energy prices low.
Winning two wars easily.

And then, American's, were lied to about everything being so bad, Demonrats took over control of Congress, in 2006.

THAT'S WHEN, everything great became HORRIBLE.

CONGRESS PASSES ALL LAWS, not the President, moron !!!!

Wait for 1/1/2013, idiot, that's when Obozo's economy falls even further....

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