I have been thinking precisely exactly what Cain is saying about a 3rd party, since Wednesday morning.


Pundits like Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, if I understand them correctly, are wrong. We conservatives don't need to "fix" the Republican Party. There IS NO fixing it. The brand is dead. We need to LEAVE the Republican Party. The "establishment" Repubs will miss us when we are gone - but we need to LEAVE. Even though it was blindingly clear that most Republicans preferred a conservative nominee in 2012, the Republican establishment - who are actually in the minority in their own party - managed to get a moderate nominated. Simply by splitting the conservative vote into too many pieces. it was genius actually.

I came to like Romney personally, but I agree with the after-election opinion makers (like Brent Bozell) that Romney made a huge mistake in not emphasizing moral (social) issues. He seemed to agree with establishment Republican thought, that the party had to put conservative values in the background as much as possible. And the mainstream media LOVES THIS. That's what they push for in EVERY national election. Locally that doesn't work so good, but nationally - well they control the public airwaves. They don't own them, but they control them. And then there were the Republicans who were really bad candidates and shot themselves in the foot again and again.

Herman Cain said in almost the exact words I was thinking, that the mainstream media have successfully destroyed the Republican brand. As the party stands now, with people like John Boehner (who owes his Speaker job to the Tea Party, but doesn't admit it), and Mitch McConnell (who worked against Rand Paul's election) in leadership positions, it is a supreme waste of time for conservatives to stay in the Republican party. What do we get for our loyalty after all? We get pilloried from within and from without. Conservatives, in reality, ARE the Republican Party. But people like McConnell and Boehner are easily manipulated and cowed by the media, and have nothing in common with conservatives. They worry only about their own hides in any given election cycle.

Would a 3rd party - conservative party - win the 2016 presidential election? No. But we have to start somewhere. I am not prepared to remain a registered Republican, and hear the media commiserate with Boehner for the next 4 years on how sad it is he can't corral the conservatives, and "compromise" with a morally bankrupt president and his morally bankrupt political party.. And Boehner hanging his head in sad agreement. I'm sick of that hogwash.

A natural place for conservatives to turn their attention would be the Constitution Party. I think a real movement could come from real conservatives getting involved with that 3rd party. I have voted Constitution Party twice in the past. Then I saw how much damage BO did, and how immoral his outlook is, and past lifestyle was. Additionally, I voted Republican this year, because I saw what is undoubtedly going to happen to this country under the other party. And it isn't going to be pretty.

We have to start somewhere, and Cain is EXACTLY right!!!

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" I have been thinking precisely exactly what Cain is saying "

Great minds think alike.

Uhm, sorry, did the 2004 loss by Kerry make the Democrats opt to change their party? Nope.

So the Republicans aren't going to change. You party faithful are too scared to run outside of the massive electability machine of the party. You'll keep clinging to the machinery and use ineffective whining to try to enact change, but nothing will change. Some millionaire nutjob will run in 2016 and there's not a f#%#$ thing you can do about it. He'll keep squawking about abortion and deities and taxes and Iran, but won't say a word about stopping the borrowing bomb.

I'd tell you to grow some balls, but I didn't bring a microscope along to see them.

Now, it's your turn to bellow back. :^)

If it is me, what I said was that conservatives need to leave the Republican party, and build their own party - which is what Cain is advocating. The only way I would vote Republican in 2016 is if Santorum was the nominee. But the repub establishment - the useless RINO David Brooks wing of the party - will never let that happen.

My efforts in future will be on conservative and moral issues. I will spend my time and attention on local and congressional races. You know, GZ, if you think that this or that idea on economics will be the salvation of this or any other country, you have some reality shocks in your future. The 2nd Psalm would be worth a read by you. It asks the question, why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? {The Lord pretty much anticipated Lennon's ignorant song, "Imagine" didn't He?} And then if after reading Psalm 2, you still think God is irrelevant to modern times, read the last Chapter of the prophet Zachariah. The "plague" described is an exact description of the effects on humans and animals of the neutron bomb. My understanding, since the Carter Administration days, is that Israel has the neutron bomb in its arsenal. Wow isn't God, our creator, smart!

Now, as to mundane politics, if it happens that you voted for Obama - well, then you are just another knee-jerk Dem who would vote for an actual donkey as long as the donkey was a Dem. Not a thinking citizen who values morality above party loyalty.

Personally, I think you need to honestly declare yourself, and try to defend the indefensible (such as abortion), instead of constantly nibbling around the edges of truth vs. error, without actually making your case for anything.

Uh, did you bellow? I was looking for a bellow.

The real neutron bomb facing our civilization is petroleum depletion. It's like air for the lungs of the economy. Without air, you suffocate and die off. So that's what's going to happen to our economy. And then it gets worse, since so much of our world's agriculture is heavily mechanized and as such, runs so heavily on oil... not just for its transportation vectors, but for the fertilizers. Petroleum depletion will eventually (within a few decades) collapse that vast industry. Billions of people depend on that industry for something critical like daily food intake. So billions really have to die off. And they won't go easy. War will invariably be tried to capture more petroleum sources from those who currently own them. That's what the 2003 occupation of Iraq was all about.

Other than physics, economics really does explain much of everything about why Humans do things. That's what makes Liberals so annoying, since there really isn't a single law of economics that they'll admit is true. And it's what makes Conservatives equally annoying, not that they ignore economic laws per se, but they believe economic laws somehow work for one class of person yet not for another.

Now c'mon, let's get a good bellow going, shall we? I'm paying good money for this. LOL!

brays GZ, who worships at the fountainhead of the oil industry, and thinks money, not God, rules in the affairs of men.

Smarter posters than I have already debunked your "peak oil" fairy tale. That's ALL you want to argue about day after day. You have no solutions (because without God there are none in life). So you just bray and bray - "we're doomed, we're doomed... people must die or there won't be enough oil for the rest of us." [Good Grief how ignorant.]

God gave you free will, and you can factor Him out of your own life if you wish, but you have no power to factor the Creator out of lives of others now, nor in eternity. Over and over and scripture, He says: I set before you life and death - choose life.

Sorry, self-important oil industry employee, you don't get to choose for others.

Do I hear a survivalist gnawing around the edges of reality in your endless posts about your god of oil, bla bla bla? Well, I've got you beat there too.

Cities ARE dangerous places to live - witness New Jersey & New York right now.

I won't be living in a metro area much longer. I grew up in a family that drank raw milk & cream, churning our own butter, growing our own food, sitting in a kitchen warmed by a wood stove, and on a farm with an outhouse. So did many boomers' parents and grandparents. Granted, flooding, like the east coast is experiencing, was and is unlikely in the farm country I am from - but I come from hardy stock who know how to live off the land, whatever disaster looms. And I know that a loving God takes care of His own. You want to live in fear all your life, that's your problem.

I doubt you have a clue how to live off the land. What?... you think your employer is going to give you free gasoline under the table, while most the rest of the world - which you appear to wish would "die off" suffers? And that will keep you personally safe? You are very naiive. As well as in deep trouble if and/or when the world economy collapses.

Observation isn't advocacy.

Nearly everyone makes primary life decisions on the basis of economics.

The supremacy of energy is a matter of physics, not opinion.

I think I'd prefer bellowing, compared to what you're doing now.

... and "nearly everyone"???. No they don't. Hedonists and other godless do, sure. Because they lack any spiritual anchor in their lives. But not "nearly everyone". Your acquaintance circle is very small - and life experience extremely limited - if you actually believe that.

The farmers I've come to know are industrious and generally speaking are very accepting of the challenges that affect their livelihood. That said, each and every one of them makes decisions based on economics. While scattering seeds on the ground and praying for success might work for a growing season or two, it is not a sensible path forward for a responsible family head who is charged with providing for their family.

Everyone does or should make decisions based in economic impact to themselves and their progeny. Those who don't are fiscally challenged.
History is filled with bible thumpers who have been proven to be dead wrong.

Big Jim

Romney supported gay rights, gun control, abortion and many other "liberal" issues. This year he tried to deny his past positions and ran as a "severe" conservative. In the closing days of the campaign he tried to move back toward the political middle. So what does he really stand for? The truth is Romney stands for nothing except personal gain. That was the way he was perceived by the majority of voters- an opportunist.

Another point that seems to escape the GOP is that Americans are tired of being preached to. It's time to purge the GOP of the religious right. Morality cannot be legislated. No law that is passed can change people being gay. People are going to live their life the way they want. The GOP has got to ditch the morality game and get back to concentrating on the issues that touch people's lives-unemployment, financial security, and hope for a better life.

The GOP lost their way when religion got involved in their policies. It worked for Reagan but that was thirty years ago. The TV preachers who supported Reagan were thoroughly discredited in the late 1980's. Jimmy "I sinned against you" Swaggart and Jim Bakker caused people to lose respect for them and their political views. People saw that they were flesh and blood and not some kind of gods. The old horse of religion and morality has been whipped too long.

When the GOP wakes up and admits moderates back into the party they might find a way to win again. Politicians can't be schizophrenic and waver back and forth from real issues that affect people's home, life and family on the one hand and on the other hand try to preach to them. Jimmy Carter tried preaching to Americans and where did that get him?

1) See my reply to GZ.

2) If the Repubs abandon God and morality (which the David Brooks RINO wing already has) - they will then officially be DEMOCRATS, and therefore redundant and entirely unnecessary.

3) When conservatives abandon the Republican Party (and polls are showing that 3 million of them didn't vote this year) there won't be enough godless liberal Republicans left to fill a high school gym. So the party will crumble, and goofuses like you will be looking around, saying "Hey where did everybody go?" Yay!

The biggest problem the republicans have is they never unite like the democrats. Democrats will unite regardless of who their candidate is to ensure the defeat of the republican candidate.
Republicans, on the other hand have too many "factions". Many will get all pissy and stay home if THEIR particular candidate doesn't get the nomination.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Agreed. They pissed off all the Ron Paul supporter at the convention and lost their vote in November.

Most Republicans are Feudal Lord Wanna Bees and the rest of us won't let them.

Cognitive dissonance there, chief. The people keep buying up stocks that are a primary funder of the corporate executive "master class". And the people also sign up for obscene levels of debt, for consumerism, cars, education and housing.

So you let them put you into bondage, really. Divest and you'll finally impress me. (But you won't divest.)

Herman Cain is a first class idiot.

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